Monday, January 7, 2008

Renewal, Revival, and 24x7 Prayer - Part 1

Mon Jan 7, 2008 10:59pm

I have good news to bring great joy: God the Father wants a RENEWED relationship with YOU!

Are we so close to God already that this news shouldn't blow us away? Do we realize what a tremendous privilege this is? Father God sits on His throne with angelic beings surrounding Him... angelic beings so wonderfully powerful that the very sight of them would cause us to faint... beings so wonderful that our hearts would soar to see a fraction of just THEIR beauty... beings who know that they pale to insignificance compared to the Almighty, El Shaddai. How arrogant is man to presume worthy... or to take His love for granted!

Yet, still, the Creator of Everything wants a relationship to lavish His love upon US, His people, whom He has loved long before we returned His love. He loves us even when our love smolders rather than burning intensely.

So, rejoice in the Good News that Jesus' death bought for us on the cross! Although this world seems to offer so much, it is a shadow of the riches He has reserved for those that can say "No" to the fleeting pleasures of this world. The sun shines on both the rich and poor alike, but the reward of eternal life belongs only to those who persevere under the persecution and temptations of this present age.

Again... REJOICE! For the Lord your God is One, and His reign is forever. Let there be a renewal in the hearts and minds and SOULS of His people! Like a fountain pouring into the hearts of Christ's Ambassadors, let the Spirit of the Living God flow without constraint in the market-place, the schools, the streets, and especially His Church. For those who would pray greater riches into our world, let they themselves first be renewed in love! Can a fountain fill a pool unless water flows into it? Can the pools of our families and churches overflow into the world unless we are living without restraint in His Presence?

The Church is dry in many places because it needs to drink in His Spirit.

As the song goes:

It's not in trying; it's in trusting.
It's not in running, but in resting.
It's not in wondering, but in praying
that we find the strength of the Lord.

Peace, Blessings, Joy and STRENGTH to you in Christ Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, Who was, and IS, and IS TO COME!!!