Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Trees & Prophecies

It’s been some time since I read The Harbringer by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and I’m looking forward to reading The Harbringer II. In the first book, he explains how America is following in the footsteps of Ancient Israel, describing how in the aftermath of 9-11 we even pronounced repeatedly the same verse: “Bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hand-cut stones. Fig trees have been cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.” (Is 9:10)

In our case, an old sycamore tree perished at Ground Zero, and the Tree of Hope was planted, a cedar tree. Cedars are a known to be a hardy plant and should have thrived, but instead the tree withered and died since the tree symbolized America's self-sufficent defiance rather than a renewed dependency upon Him. Isaiah 9:10 was repeated by statesmen and even written on the cornerstone as they rebuilt after 9-11, but as pointed out by Rabbi Cahn, this verse in context is an arrogant statement by ancient Israel that would prompt God to stir up the nation’s enemies. 

Similarly, the cedar tree was a metaphor used by the prophet Ezekiel to represent Pharaoh. The prophet predicted Assyria’s impending conquest over Egypt. (see Ezekiel 31) It was Pharaoh’s pride  that brought him down just as Ancient Israel was brought down by her pride, and America's emerging decline from superpower status flows from our pride and presumptive illusions that it is by our own strength America rose in power and favor. It is only God’s grace and provision, His blessing, that has prospered America, and when we turned from Him, we started in our decline.

So as the Tree of Hope withered and died, rather than turning back to God as our only Hope, the city of New York looked to another tree as symbol of hope: The Survivor Tree. Growing at Ground Zero the Survivor Tree is “ a living reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth.” You can what the 911 Memorial has to say about this tree, but they don’t understand what it represents prophetically. The hope they have placed in this tree is like the hope some have placed in socialism. What they fail to realize is that the Callery Pear is an invasive plant that originates from China. It represents how they have placed their trust in an enemy who would overpower them, and in looking to this tree for hope and inspiration, they have further tempted the wrath of God upon their city.  

But I fear the time of wrath is rapidly approaching for New York City as symbolized by yet another tree. The city boasts of being the greatest city in the world. The prideful boasts of NYC are repeated in the festivities throughout the Christmas Season, starting with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and the New Year’s Eve broadcast. This year, there has been a lot of gossip about the Norway spruce selected for Rockefeller Center: it’s roughed up appearance as well as the story of the owl found in it’s branches. 

I am reminded of the times that the Lord has said He will bring His wrath upon New York City and wonder… could this tree be a warning of His imminent judgement? I don’t have a clear answer, and I have not heard God speak clearly on this. However, I do know that He will judge it at some point, and I have a continued concern that this Christmas Season in NYC will be marked by tragedy. We often associate owls with wisdom, coming from their ties to the Greek goddess Athena and representing the wisdom of western civilization, the prevailing wisdom of this world, but owls in the Bible symbolize destruction and desolation. In many cultures, including some native American, they are a harbinger of death. The tree, the owl, they portend something in my mind. God has not spoken to me explicitly about this season, but I wonder if He is speaking through these circumstances. 

I don’t know if this tree is a warning of impending wrath, but I feel compelled to post this blog and my impressions before the NYC festivities start, encouraging others to seek God and His direction… all the more as we see the Day approaching!

Finally, I'm reminded of what God has spoken to me in visions about trees and fallen leaves, so much of which has come true as we approach the next step in that vision that I've yet to share in it's entirety. 

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Declaration of Thanksgiving 2020

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” (

The brave men who signed our Declaration of Independence quoted above were not quick to defy the rule of King George, and if you read through the entirety of that famous document you’ll see the reasons behind their decision. They signed that declaration knowing that it fully committed them to the cause of freedom, defying a supremely powerful military empire and entrusting their future to “the protection of divine Providence”. There was no turning back from their cause, and they understood that everything was on the line when they wrote: “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

In the same way, I don’t encourage civil disobedience lightly without considering the gravity and potential consequence of defying legally appointed authorities. I’m not saying it’s time to rise up in any physical way, and I’m not suggesting we draft a modern day Declaration of Independence, but I do believe we should look to the greatest law of this land and willfully disobey any unjust edicts that restrict our rights under the U.S. Constitution regardless of the origination: the President, Congress, state governors or legislatures. 

In the United States, the Constitution is the highest law crafted by man and the first ten amendments are known as The Bill of Rights. The First and Tenth Amendments speak volumes in the context of our current pandemic distress, where executive orders have shut down churches and now tell us how we are allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. Let’s look at a couple of those rights:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Bill of Rights

There are eight amendments between the two which I’ve copied in their entirety above, but just take a look at those two brief statements and consider: is there any legitimate basis for government to shut down the gathering of people who choose to worship? Certainly, they can educate us on how to limit the spread of a contagion, but it is entirely up to us on how to respond. Government was made for the people and not people for the government. 

So if in celebration of Thanksgiving to my God or as a matter of decision by family members, we choose to gather with more people than the state believes safe, it is our right to do so. We may choose to limit the number gathered or to have other safeguards, but it is our choice. I’m not encouraging anyone to be foolish or rebellious, but I am saying explicitly that the government has no legitimate right to make these decisions for us. Take precautions as you see fit but do not grant the state more authority in our lives than our greatest law in the land has already established. 

And in the days and years ahead if that greatest of human laws should somehow be dissolved replaced by a new “constitution”, there is still and shall remain a law higher even than any law of man. It is that same Legal Authority that empowered the brave signatories of our Declaration of Independence. It is that Higher Power that we must always obey first, always with respect and consideration for others, “We must obey God rather than people” (Acts 5:29)

There may be consequences for civil disobedience, but we owe it to those brave men who put everything on the line to establish this great nation, and we owe it to our children and our children’s children to fight for their liberty. We owe it to our future selves as well to be mindful and bold in each present moment to the protection of our liberties so we will have a clear answer when asked how we responded to the governmental threat on our civil liberties.

My Declaration of Thanksgiving is simply this: 

I am grateful to have been born and raised in this land and acknowledge my responsibility to live in the freedom bestowed to me at birth by the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights, resisting all influences to relinquish those liberties for both my sake and for the benefit of all my countrymen. I choose to exercise my First Amendment rights in gratitude this Thanksgiving of 2020 in civil disregard for any executive order restricting how I celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

When to Fight

I blogged a couple years ago about How to Fight, embarrassed to find the typos that have been out there, and which I promptly cleaned up. (Well, at least the ones I noticed!) My typing hasn't improved, and my views haven't changed since I've written that blog. There is an appropriate way to fight, and it should always be with the right perspective of who we're fighting. It's not flesh and blood but principalities. Still, there is a time for taking decisive, physical action when the evil worked through human hands needs to be stopped.

Now, I believe that all truth is God's truth, so we can find God's hand outside of the Bible such as science or philosophy as long as those disciplines don't contradict what God has told us in Scripture. We know we have an enemy who is a great deceiver, who would appeal to our prideful understanding and use it to set up a barrier between ourselves and God. Because of this, we need to carefully seek the direction of the Holy Spirit in all learning, prayerfully asking for God to guide us. 

As a former naval officer as well as someone who has dabbled in the martial arts, I've been exposed to some different teachings about warfare. One that rings true with me are the five strategies. We often hear them referred to as elements, but they are really just symbolic of a fighting strategy, a mnemonic for assessing the right form of response. 

There's Earth, when you are strong enough to take a beating. It's like turning the other cheek and being able to endure an offense. And then there's Air, when you are neither changing the environment nor being impacted by it. I liken Air to being in the world but not of it, where we observe without interfering and where we are not changed by our environment. There is a time and place for this strategy, especially when we just need observe and gather more information before taking a stance.

When I first heard of the 5 elements, I had often wondered why Air and Wind were considered separate, but it makes complete sense in the context of a martial strategy. If Air is essentially avoidance, Wind attempts to the influence environment. Wind is a powerful force over time, like the power of the spoken word, that can build strength and wear down the strongest rocks. Water is similar to wind and more forceful. Much happens beneath the surface of Water, and just as Wind and waves are often seen together, so can Wind and Water be applied together to influence a societal environment while also changing it behind the scenes. 

Last of the five strategies is Fire. Fire is passionate and destructive. Fire is used to fight fires, and once you have chosen this strategy, it is difficult to come back from that path. As a midshipman, I learned that war has the tendency for the absolute, meaning that the intensity builds and retaliations escalate. When we think of fighting, physically fighting, Fire is the strategy that has been selected. 

Some people believe that physical violence is the greatest evil, and war should be avoided at all costs. But it is sometimes a useful tool to hold back tyranny, and it is always a last resort. Imagine if no one had opposed Hitler. Passivity can allow a greater evil to grow in power and secure a position that is not easily overthrown. Edmond Burke was correct in saying that the only thing evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Looking at this polarized world, I wonder how close we've come to the point where Fire is the appropriate strategy. Two sides, claiming conflicting "facts", making it hard to discern what should be believed. The Air strategy would say: get more information. The conflicting facts can't both be true. The truth is by its very nature exclusive. It's possible that both sides are lying, but if that were the case, wouldn't we have a "middle ground' that consistently points out the lies of both polar opposites? No, it seems clear that one side has embraced lies as the Wind and Water to drive an agenda. It seems clear to me which side has no respect God or moral integrity, focused only on a lawless pursuit of agenda. Is it clear to you yet?

I had to go back to How to Fight to consider when to fight. When religious liberty and freedom of speech are taken away, then civil discourse can no longer oppose the threat of tyranny, and the only strategy left is Fire. When the other strategies are ineffective in opposing evil, then we have reached the last resort. When we are no longer strong enough to take a beating (Earth strategy), when observing and waiting is insufficient and inappropriate (Air strategy), and when the latency of Wind and Water strategies renders them ineffective in opposing tyranny, then Fire is the only strategy left. We have not reached that point yet, but I am concerned we are very close.

When Jesus sent His disciples out, it was as sheep among wolves. He told them in Matthew 10:16 to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. It is the wisdom of snakes to avoid physical confrontation, to evade detection, position and strike quickly only when left no other choice.

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Revelation, Interpretation and Application

Light in the Darkness
I believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well that we still see all the gifts of the Spirit working through God’s people. There are Bible believing Christians who think otherwise, and I don’t doubt they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. Some would say that there are ordinary gifts that exist today, but that extraordinary gifts that were only meant for a certain period in history as the Church was forming. A lot of their belief comes from a verse in Revelation warning against adding anything to that book and a sincere desire to obey God’s word. They base their understanding on Revelation 22:18 to not add anything to the book. However, the Greek word used describes a book of Scripture and not the entirety of Scripture as used in 2 Timothy 3:16. 

So, yes, I believe the gift of prophecy didn’t die with the last of Jesus’ twelve disciples, and I believe that God still speaks to people who humble themselves in prayer and obedience, seeking to hear from Him. He has revealed things to me in visions, words, silent voices, dreams and even smells. He gave me a vision for my son who had not been born, and years later that vision was manifest in reality. He also gave me words on election night this year. 

The Revelation

People struggle to understand the extraordinary gift of prophecy, yet still the Bible encourages us to ask for this gift. There are many spiritual gifts, some which are endowed from birth by God the Father (constitutional), some granted by Jesus to empower us in the station He has ordained for us (positional), and some as bestowed by the Holy Spirit for the benefit of others (situational). As mentioned above, these gifts may be ordinary, such as wisdom or knowledge, or extraordinary, such as prophecy and healing. God works in His people, through His people and for His people. His people are both the Remnant of Israel as well as the Body of Believers we call the Church. When God gives a word of Revelation, that word should not be modified in the slightest as warned in Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32, and Revelation 12:18. So when God speaks to me, I am careful to not add an interpretation to that word. 

For example, on election night He spoke to me as it appeared that Trump would be re-elected, and He said two things. First, He said “284 electoral votes”. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, and so I listened more intently, which is when I heard Him say “The fix is in”. I shared what God told me to my wife, but did not publish it anywhere. 

Sometimes God gives me a word so that I will draw closer to Him for more understanding, and sometimes He wants me to intercede. He doesn’t need me to accomplish anything, but He allows me to join Him in what He’s doing because He wants a relationship with me, just as He desires a relationship with all His people. He doesn’t always show us what to do; rather, He invites us to humbly and joyfully join Him in His work, fully dependent upon Him in all the wondrous things He is doing. 

The Interpretation

When someone hears from God, they can assume they understand the revelation and jump to an interpretation. I’ve done that before. It seemed so obvious that I just assumed I understood what God was saying. I’ve also made the mistake of listening to other’s interpretation without pressing in for God’s confirmation. But hopefully I’ve learned through these decades of walking with Him that while others may confirm what God is telling me, but they cannot replace Him in the discernment process. If He gives me a word, I need listen more intently until He gives me an understanding the revelation as well as how to apply it.  Also, there are times where I need to just trust His word for me and set it aside for a time, similar to how He gave the prophet Daniel an End Times prophecy and then told him to seal it up as something He did not need to understand. 

Any interpretation of a prophetic revelation must line up with God’s truth, and while it may violate religious practices in order to reveal a greater understanding of Scripture, it will not contradict the values and principles God has laid out in the Scriptures. For example, Peter’s interpretation about God’s will for gentile believers, which came from a vision about unclean foods. 

I once gave a prophetic word to man, telling him that God would give him the desires of his heart. I had a sense that God was going to bless him and his wife with a baby, but I only gave the words that had been given to me. The next day, this man and his wife confronted me and said that they rejected the word I gave them as not from God. He explained how he still desired a past girlfriend, and God wouldn’t give him that desire as he was married. I agreed that his interpretation of my revelation did not line up with the sanctity of marriage we find in the Bible. We spoke further about what I sensed and hoped, and a few weeks later, he and his wife told me how they were expecting their first child. 

There is a revelation, and an interpretation and often there is an application. We often stop too soon, focusing on a misunderstanding of the revelation. Yet even with a solid interpretation, we frequently fail to understand how to apply what God has revealed. As Election Week 2020 unfolded, I looked to the states that were leaning toward President Trump and added up the electoral votes with the ones already declared in his favor. The total was 284 electoral votes. In my mind it made sense, yet as I prayed about it further, it didn’t feel right. I wondered if the second message I heard on election night was the reason that it didn’t feel right. I went for a walk, praying off and on as I listened to a podcast. The thought occurred to me to see if 284 could be a number associated with the Biden campaign. But as did a similar tally, I came up with a higher number of electoral votes and didn’t think anything more about it. I continued to wonder about the significance of “284 electoral votes”, all the while becoming more certain that “the fix is in”, believing that the confirmation of the first word would clarify the second word He gave me on election night.

That is exactly what happened. The Associated Press declared Biden victor, and as I looked up his total electoral votes at that time of his declared victory, it came out to 284 electoral votes. The press have since declared Biden winner in Nevada as well, raising his total electoral votes. All the while stories of voter fraud continue to surface, and the President has demanded an investigation. The mainstream media and social media dispute Trump’s claims, while the finger-pointing and accusations we’ve become accustomed to continue to escalate.

In the past, God has supernaturally revealed to me when someone has tried to deceive me, and it’s a challenging bit of information. How should we apply that knowledge? Satan is the accuser of men, and he is also a great deceiver. Not everything that is supernatural comes from God, and we need to both question the source of this information and be on our guard in how to apply it. When God reveals a truth, I try to press in for greater understanding and ask for wisdom. I don’t share the revelation with everyone, and I certainly don’t act rashly on it until I have more information.

The Application

“God showed me they’re lying!” is not a wise way to open a conversation. If God reveals something, then we should seek to join Him in what He is doing. If we get a peek behind the curtain so to speak, we need to press in further and gather more information.

I confess that over the years I have learned not to trust the mainstream media and big tech. I see a repeated history of deceptive and biased reporting as well as the suppression of the truth. The behavior is not confined to “liberal” news networks; I don’t trust Fox News any more than CNN. Reuters and The Associated Press have also perpetuated misinformation. 

Perhaps errors and omissions have occurred with good intent, and we should always try to assume the best in others. However, we can’t continue to trust a person or group of people who have repeatedly abused that trust. I have repeatedly witnessed them twist the President’s words over the past 4 years and suppress newsworthy stories that would favor his administration, including an historic Mideast peace treaty. Trusting them to tell me the truth about voter fraud is like trusting the proverbial fox to guard a hen house, but just because they’ve been caught in the past doesn’t mean they are wrong now. We need to look at what we currently know and what we don’t know. 

The facts are: 

  1. President Trump has often acted unpresidential and has a vested interest in the outcome of the election. Would he want to “fix” the election outcome in his favor?
  2. Still, we have a duly elected public official claiming a grave injustice has occurred. (New York Post on PA Election Challenge)
  3. Conservative, non-traditional media outlets support the President’s claims (e.g. - Evidence of USPS Corruption in PA and Discussion on AZ Voter Fraud
  4. The mainstream media has repeatedly shown a bias reporting against Trump, which been intentional in many cases. (e.g. - CNN Coverage Bias - watch the entire video!)
  5. We are seeing repeated efforts by the same questionable media sources in conjunction with big tech (google search, Facebook, Twitter) to suppress the information reported by the non-traditional news sources (e.g. - Prager U
  6. The mainstream news and globalists are all acting as if the Biden victory is a fact and the country should just move forward, portraying Trump as a sore loser. (Jim Acosta: "Sore Loser?" and associated news commentary
  7. “Moving on” without resolving the root cause will breed greater friction between the red-blue factions in America. If we want resolution rather than just avoidance, we need to address the root cause: We have contradictory information with people on both sides claiming the others are “liars”. 

The answer is simple but not easy. The American people need more information. The accusations need to be investigated and transparently communicated by the impartial investigative committee. If the allegations are wrong, we move on with Biden as the duly elected Command-in-Chief. However, even if we discover they are valid, a transparent investigation will reveal whether or not it impacted election results and we will know who the duly elected President is. Any attempt to move forward without a transparent investigation into the facts will breed greater division in the United States and rightly arouse defenders of the constitution into more extreme action. Edmond Burke was correct in saying that all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing. 

Every patriot should take action in requesting… no demanding a transparent investigation into all accusations of voter fraud in every state, and we should not rest until the answer is clear: what is the legal outcome of election 2020?

Every Christian Patriot should ask God to reveal the truth and show them how to respond to the truth He reveals. The following was sent to me, a template letter that every patriotic voter can use and modify. Send it to the President and send it to all your congressional representatives. It reads:

Your Name
123 Your Street
Your City, ST 12345
(123) 456-7890

November 7, 2020

President Donald J. Trump

White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

My vote is the most envied tangible asset in the world. We the people of the United States of America govern - we are not governed. Our VOTE represents our FREEDOM.

On November 3, 2020, my voice was not heard at the ballot box. In essence, my freedom was taken away. As a shareholder of this nation in which my taxes fund the positions of all elected officials, I have the right to audit all activities funded and driven with my fiscal contributions.

I respectfully request a FULL audit across the nation. All 50 states, not just the contested states. I request a full report to be made public and all those that violated my interest as a shareholder of this nation to be HELD accountable.

My vote counts. My voice matters. I look to you President Donald J. Trump to honor my request and defend my freedom.


Your Name

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Sunday, November 1, 2020

America in the End Times

On October 25, 2020, Archbishop Vigano sent a public letter to President Trump, warning of a “great reset” across the world and a move toward global tyranny. He is not wrong. He stands as a watchman upon a watchtower as described by the 33rd chapter of Ezekiel. There will certainly be a global reset that establishes a new world order, and this time in history seems to be turning point.

Yes, this seems to be the turning point as prophesied in Scripture, but humbly we must admit that no one knows the day nor the hour. All we know for sure is that the Day is approaching. How should we respond to this knowledge? It seems that the schemes of the wicked are reaching fruition, but do not despair! This is not a time for fear; neither should we become preoccupied with the success of their plans. (Ps 37:7) Rather, we need to need to submit ourselves to God with renewed fervor and wait patiently for Him being more intentional in our interactions with other believers, spurring each other on toward love and good deeds because the Day of the Lord is approaching. (Heb 10:24-25) The day of our victory is coming!

It is approaching, but it is not yet here. It is not a time for despair but a time to take hope in our God because His promises are true! He has told us about the end from the beginning (Isa 46:10) and continues to show that His Word is true! He has hidden it from the eyes of men, yet it is to the glory of His adopted children to search and discover these divine mysteries. (Pvb 25:2)

Early in my walk with Christ, I asked Him about America’s role in the end times. By the Spirit, He led me to Isaiah 18. There was of course no America at the time Isaiah wrote this chapter, and while many believe this is a prophecy for Ethiopia, it’s clear that it refers to another nation, one that is not named. I believe it refers to America when it describes a: “land of whirring wings which lies beyond the rivers of Ethiopia… a people tall and smooth-skinned… feared far and wide… of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers.”

Isaiah isn’t clear about what happens to this nation, but as I’ve read it asking the Lord to instruct me, I believe it refers to an end-time pruning before the harvest, a pruning of the Church in America where branches that were grafted onto the Vine are either pruned (Jn 15:2) or removed to be burned (Jn 15:6) and given over to demons for torment. After this time of refinement, America will bring gifts to the King in Zion. (Is 18:7).

So if I understand this chapter correctly, America must fall from power and will be refined by hardship. This will be a time when Israel grows to be a superpower standing alone against a resurrected Roman Empire, the kingdom of the Antichrist. This rebellious kingdom of the Beast are the feet of iron and clay in chapter 2 of Daniel and the eighth king that John spoke about in Revelation 17.

American will fall from power as Israel grows in strength. 

As over a million believers across America prayed for repentance during The Return event on Washington D.C., I saw the superpower mantle shift to Israel. The shofar was sounded in this nation and a banner is now being raised in Zion. (Is 18:3) That same day, Franklin Graham planned a Prayer Walk in America’s nation capital, and Vice-President Pence showed up spontaneously for prayer by that gathering of believers, who then ultimately joined The Return event gathered on the Washington Mall. President Trump issued a proclamation of repentance that was read at the Return event, but he did not show up in person on that day as he nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, which was itself a prophetic promise that justice will return to this land. The Lord revealed to me that just as Trump was not present at that event, he will not be present when this national repentance reaches fruition. That fruit is the promise of healing for this land. (2 Chr 7:14)

Archbishop Vigano’s letter is a trumpet call, a warning to America and the world, but true Americans will not be part of that One World government. It is my hope that the globalists, those who have tried to deconstruct this nation, will lose in the upcoming election and that tyranny does not claim a temporary victory over this land. Yet even if it does, God’s people in America will rise up in resistance and eventually overthrow that yoke of oppression. We will again become One from Many, unified under the values that made this nation great. Yet even if the deconstructionists do not win in this historic election, their power needs to be rooted out and our country reunified under traditional American values and principles. As a people, we need to relearn those values and principals, establishing practices that reflect the vision that God intended for this nation.

Archbishop Vigano is correct: it is truly a battle between good and evil in this nation. The centralized power centers of education, business, big tech and the mainstream press promulgate lies, suppress evidence of corruption and try to hide noteworthy information in their attempt to influence an election that they hope will solidify their power. But this election is not the end of our struggle; it simply brings the goal and the obstacles more clearly into focus. These power centers and the conflicting values must be rooted out, like a cancer that is surgically removed, replaced by the nation that is and shall remain truly under God, indivisible, dedicated to truth and justice for all.

Let freedom reign!

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Two Paths to Tyranny

Election 2020 has been interesting to say the least, and as we count down to Election Day, I feel like I have both so much and so little to say. I doubt we’ll know when the election results will be clear and what they may bring. I believe it likely that some people will seize the opportunity to sow further civil discord, hoping and praying that I’m wrong. I can see so many possibilities, but only one thing is certain: God is Sovereign. His will be done!

Two extreme possibilities exist, and many things in between.

I look to the Left and see a potential victory that would immediately distribute soma to a populace tired of fighting while rapidly solidifying a power-base so secure that an anomaly like MAGA could never happen again. America would be reorganized with a new constitution, and while it may not be called “socialist” it would be indistinguishable from the “communist menace” feared by past generations. I could envision rebel pockets of resistance emerging, fighting for an ideal from a bygone era. 

I look to the Right and see the Left-leaning media again surprised by a landslide GOP victory, one that aggressively weeds out the corruption in media, education and politics, which in its zeal to drain the swam silences voices of reason and compassion. I could envision violence erupting in the streets to protest the election outcome as leftist rhetoric inundates mainstream news and social media feeds. 

And in the middle, I see a people that is so divided in what it values that whether the visions above are long-term or short-term possibilities, they will yet be inescapable… unless we come together in what we value and agree to principles that support those values.

What do we value as a nation? Are these worthy values?

The question is not how far we have strayed or where have we failed to live up to those values. It is in the foundation of what do we choose to value moving forward. Once upon a time, the motto E Pluribus Unum meant something, yet as I read posts and prayers for Unity, I question if most people understand what that means. E Pluribus Unum is a Latin phrase that means One from Many. That is a unity that brings people together under a common banner, a common set of values. However, Unity without vision is a road to tyranny, that calls everyone to tow the party line whether it is to the far left or the far right. Unity under a common set of values is what made America a nation that became One from Many. 

Yet now, we are a nation divided, where the values and principles of the Left and the Right are in such stark contrast that any call for true unity is impossible. We cannot be unified in word only; unity can only be cemented in a common set of values.

What does that mean for the future of our nation and how can we respond to this challenge?

Do we even know what we value? Do we believe what we value? Our behavior is an indicator what we believe, but our beliefs are both conscious and unconscious. Our values and will either shape our beliefs or succumb to beliefs that have yielded to mindless habits. Human beings cannot live in constant cognitive dissonance, where our behavior is inconsistent to what we believe. It’s our nature to rationalize our inappropriate behavior to be consistent with what we believe, often allowing our beliefs to change because of our misbehavior. In this downward spiral to depravity, we rationalize our errors to eventually tout them as praiseworthy. This is the path to the reprobate mind. It is the prevailing culture in America.

But there is another path, one where our values shape our beliefs and guide our behavior. Foundational to any set of values is spirituality. Spirituality is not religion, although religious structures are used to promote spirituality. Even atheists are spiritual, filled with a set of secular beliefs that drive their actions. Marx was such an atheist, and he proclaimed that religion is the opiate of the public. It’s true that religion has historically been used to enslave and oppress people. Yet this nation was founded upon a belief in the Judeo-Christian God by a people who were themselves fleeing religious tyranny. Their experience under religious oppression shaped a value for religious liberty. Do you see the difference in perception: Marx saw religion as the source of oppression, but our founding fathers rightly saw religious liberty as an empowering principle of this nation. 

The Founding Fathers valued God and His ways, and while the constitution is not the direct revelation of God, it reflects the values of Judeo-Christian scriptures and provides practical techniques to curb the corrupt nature of mankind. These practices worked for a couple hundred years, staving off tyranny’s reign and even self-correcting to recognize the rights of all people, regardless of race or gender. So where did we start to diverge on the two paths to Tyranny? When we removed the free expression of belief in God from public places!

It was only a matter a time for our nation to splinter once we no longer valued public expression of religious belief. If God is Sovereign, then man is not, and consequently a person is called to humbly play their part to reflect God’s ways with whatever power or influence they have been granted. But if the question of God’s Sovereignty is irrelevant, then the most powerful man becomes king and his will the law of the land. It is a path to tyranny, and the only way back is through a common set of values as described by the only One Who has ever been fully good and fully God, the Author and Creator of what is truly right. 

America will no longer be beautiful if it worships any other set of values. 

When I vote this year, it will be to restore those ideals that made us into a beautiful nation. It will not be for a man or a political party. I will vote for religious liberty and for the lives of every one of our people. I will vote to cleanse our nation of its corruption and pray for greater ability in this cause. May God help us, cleanse us and heal us!

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Flashback: You Are Why

This week, I felt like it would be better to revisit this blog post. It’s really important to remind God’s people that it really is all about you.

See my 10 year old warning and join me in confession and a change in lifestyle so that we Return to God like never before because something is happening in this nation... and God's people are the reason!

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pro-Life Dialogue Anti-Patterns

There’s a new meme by “Progressive” thinkers that attempts to shame Pro-Life advocates into silence, calling them a hypocrite if they don’t actively campaign for the well-being of children and yet claim to be Pro-Life. This meme follows a pattern of many “Progressive” narratives that shut down any any meaningful conversation about an issue. It is what I would call an anti-pattern for effective dialogue.

What is an anti-pattern? It started off as a software engineering term, and it means something that may be commonly used but is actually ineffective or counterproductive when practiced. (see So a dialogue anti-pattern is one that shuts down discourse on a topic. I suppose if you want to shut down conversation, dialogue anti-patterns are an effective tool, but they are counterproductive to building healthy relationships. Some examples of these anti-patterns include: physical violence; verbal assault, attacking the character, motivation or credibility of your colleague; mocking opposing viewpoints; changing topics without resolving issues; and focusing on edge cases to divert attention from areas of agreement. Every dialogue anti-pattern impedes civil discourse and many destroy relationships.

We’ve seen the destruction of civil discourse growing in Social Media as well as mainstream news, politics and alarmingly in public. It’s unhealthy and needs to stop, and for each of us to be effective in building relationships, we need to avoid the anti-patterns. We should treat everyone with respect and consideration, seeking to focus the conversation on one topic at a time. The truth is that not everyone who embraces these memes is trying to shut down dialogue. Admittedly, some people are only interested in pushing an agenda, but most people have good intentions. Treating people with respect even as we boldly disagree is the only way to discover truth together. Some people may never embrace truth, but if it’s presented in a loving and respectful way, others may discover the truth over a period of time.

So back to the meme I mentioned: how can we respond to the claim that Pro-Lifers who don't equally advocate for the well-being of mothers and children are hypocrites? Perhaps we need to first listen and paraphrase so that they can understand we hear what they are communicating. We may acknowledge that these are important issues and ask thoughtful questions about the specific issues that need stronger advocates. We can even ask why they assumed you would disagree with them on these important issues.

If they believe we understand where they are coming from, they may be open to healthy discourse. If they aren't then the conversation may only benefit observers, but if they are willing to have a healthy conversation, we can point out that before we can even talk about the well-being of a person, they need to be alive. Life is foundational. There is a priority of the values that this nation was founded upon: the Creator endowed each of us with the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. But how can we advocate for the happiness of an individual if they don’t first have the liberty to pursue it? How can we advocate for the liberty of an individual if they are no longer living? There is a priority in these values: Life, then Liberty, then the Pursuit of Happiness. Also, there are limits to our rights; no one should be allowed to pursue happiness at the expense of another person’s rights. 

So our conversation about "Abortion rights" shouldn't discuss edge cases until we’ve reached agreement on the majority of abortions. Is an embryo a human life? Is a newborn a human life? Is someone with profound disabilities a human life? All may be incapable of living on their own without assistance from others, yet the cells of each of these carry a code that says “human”. They are, each of them, people who need protection.

The edge cases are more difficult. When we talk about the edge cases, such as when a mother's life is in danger, it is clearly a case of life versus life, and the individual conscience of the mother needs to be respected. The edge cases of rape and incest have so many factors that could be a case of life versus life given the emotional trauma involved. Innocents have already been hurt and we need to come alongside to bring healing and restoration. If it were me, I'd have no laws in these edge cases other than to allocate resources to help women in these awful situations.

God values His creation and has made mankind in His image to love God and love each other. Male and female God created us, and God values the innocent, especially those who cannot care for themselves. Throughout the Old and New Testament, He demonstrates His desire for us to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to provide for those who have severe limitations. And when we murder the innocent or allow the murder of innocents, He tells us that there will eventually be a judgement. 

Who is more in need of protection than a baby? 

Since 1973 ~60 million lives have been lost to abortion. In a country with ~300 million people, we have lost 1 in 6 of the population He envisioned for America. What countless opportunities to love and be loved have been lost? What grand innovations were never instantiated? How many women have struggled with depression over the loss of a child they were convinced would ruin their life rather than help complete it? How many men have chosen to live as grown-up boys because they never manned-up to a life of responsibility? 

It’s not that I don’t care about the well-being of anyone. It’s that life is foundational to the well-being of everyone! 

It seems so obvious to me: how can anyone claim to support the well-being of anyone if they first don’t value human life? 

Father forgive me and my countrymen for what we have allowed and show us how to respond in love and truth and strength!

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Chip and Mark

“Hey Babe, you’re back! So was it as bad as you thought?” 

“Look, I wasn’t nervous about a shot! I was just mad that they want to force me to get it… and no, I didn’t… I mean, I haven’t…”

“What? You backed out? Seriously! Did you even go!? Where have you been all this time!”

“Look honey… Umm. Sit down with me, will you? I’m still processing this thing. It was… different. I wasn’t expecting... I… give me a minute to collect my thoughts, okay?”

Mark sat down on the couch and patted the place next to him, imploring with his eyes for Sophia to join him. He was gone for so long, she had just assumed he needed time to build up the nerve to get the shot, but now she realized he must have been working up how to talk with her about this… whatever this was.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, much more calmly than she felt. She snuggled next to him, wrapped his arm across her torso and leaned in with her back towards him. He sighed. It have might have been with whatever he was going to tell her, but she suspected it was just the relief that he didn’t need to look her in the eyes while he talked.

“I drove straight there, every bit as worked up as when I left here… maybe more so. But I had resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to get through the door to work next Monday without a certification that I got the vaccine. I expected a line, but there were even more people there than just ACME, Inc. I mean, I saw a lot of people I work with there, but the crowd had to be more than just our organization. Of course they wanted us to social distance, but when I saw Joe, we decided to just in stand in line together, complaining about having to get this thing. 

“Joe was going on about how the flu shot has been around for decades and how it’s only effective about 40% of the time, and how some percentage of people have a negative reaction to the shot and how some percentage of those people actually have long-tern issues, and how this was developed so quickly that they don’t even know the long-term effects of this, and… well, you know Joe. I only remember the ‘40%’ because I was amazed it didn’t even work the majority of the time.”

Sophia almost interrupted him but thought better of it and just pulled his arm around her tighter. Mark obviously was concerned about something and hadn’t worked it all out in his head yet.

“So anyways… we get up there and they give us some paperwork, and Joe points out everything in the liability waiver that he was explaining to me in line about the risks of any vaccine and the added risk from how this was developed through accelerated clinical trials and unknown possible long-term effects and all that stuff when I get to the last form acknowledging my assent to be certified as vaccinated and some verbiage about taking control of my own identity and all the benefits of the certification. 

“Meanwhile, I’m talking to Joe, who had already handed in his paperwork and sat down in the chair to get his shot, when I notice two shot guns. One goes into his shoulder and the other into his forearm… or maybe it was his hand. I’m not really sure exactly.”

Mark continued, “I was confused so I asked the nurse: ’Why two shots? I thought we were only getting one vaccine.’ I was wondering if they were experimenting on us like they did when I was in the Army. Everyone got the flu shot and half of us got sick with the flu right after getting the shot. But that’s when the nurse smiles at me and says: ‘That’s right, only one shot per customer! This is the Certification Mark that verifies you’re contributing to a disease-free society.’

“Joe hopped out the chair and said: ‘You’re next, Mark!’ then he looked at me and rubbing his hand lightly, he commented, ‘You know, I was wondering how that chip would feel, but with the gun it went in pretty smoothly. I was talking with some folks in IT Security and they were saying how this was going to change the way we log in and even get rid of the security badges whenever we finally do get back to meeting face-to-face.’”

Sophia sat up and turned to look at Mark.

“Wait a second. The vaccine is for security badges? That just doesn’t make sense!” Sophia looked quizzically at Mark.

“No, honey. The vaccine was the first shot. The second shot in the forearm is what Joe was talking about. It’s some ID that is embedded underneath the skin, and this is how they certify you’ve been vaccinated. Joe was going on and on about all the practical ways that this would make our lives more convenient: no more memorizing passwords, no more security badges, keyless ID for cars, no more identity theft, no more carrying multiple credit cards… and that’s when I stopped him. I had started thinking that maybe this wasn’t so bad after all and it would be pretty convenient even if it did cost me a little more privacy, but he said credit cards, and I asked him: ‘So is this chip used for making purchases?’

“The nurse jumped in at that point and said, ‘Sir, we have had some people express concerns about that and in our training they told us to let you know this is simply being administered to certify vaccination records. It may be extended for all your electronic medical records, but that depends upon your physician’s ERMS record keeping capabilities. We are only certifying vaccination records at this time.’

“’Of course it can be used for buying things, Mark!’ Joe piped in, ‘Didn’t you hear what I just said? This ID is going to change everything. Maam, now that I’m vaccinated, can I take my mask off?’ 

“’Not for another 24 hours, sir. If you have further questions, there’s a number on the bottom of… Let’s see… yes, here it is. Just call that toll-free number here or use the online chat here. Anymore, I prefer the chat. Those voicemail systems can be so slow!’ Joe was agreeing with her, and as they both started complaining about automated voice systems, I picked up my paperwork and walked out! You understand why, right?”

“I’m not sure, but… well, I know what you think this is, but it can’t be, Mark! That happens after the Rapture!” 

“That’s what is bothering me.” Said Mark “I mean we’re not supposed to be here… for this… you know, the Mark of the Beast! This is all so surreal, and I’m wondering if… well, I was wondering. I didn’t come home right away…”

“I understand that now. Are you okay, honey?” Sophia wanted to snuggle back into Mark’s body, but she needed to see him as he spoke.

“I’m… I’m working through this. So, I’m not saying that I don’t believe in the Rapture. Scripture is pretty clear about that. But I found some blogs that talk about the Rapture happening somewhere in the middle of the Tribulation and others saying it happens at the end. I also found some that say it is a myth, but I know otherwise. I don’t know what to believe, honey, and right now I want to NOT believe any of this. Do you remember that Sunday School class we had? I don’t remember what the Greek word was for the Mark of the Beast was, but I do remember what it meant: ‘an etching or piearcing’. That’s what this chip thing is. It pierces the skin and embeds it under the surface.”

“Mark, what are we going to do?” She said, sliding back into him. “I think you’re right, but what does that mean? You can’t go into work next Monday without that, can you?”

“No, honey, I can’t. But I can’t face God if I accept it, and it’s what we think it is.”

They both sat there in silence for a few minutes before Mark asked, “Should we reach out to people in our Life Group? Maybe Pastor Mike? Am I over-thinking this?”

“Maybe, baby. But do you think we should pray first?”

Mark smiled and drew his wife in closer, tighter than maybe ever before, tears welling up in his eyes. “Good idea.” He replied and started praying: “Jesus you tell us in James to pray for wisdom and not to doubt that You will give it. Well, we’re praying for wisdom now. We need You, Lord, like never before! Give us wisdom…” And the prayer continued, both of them praying together, knowing that when they finished, they’d start sending some texts and making some calls.

If any of you needs wisdom to know what you should do, you should ask God, and he will give it to you. God is generous to everyone and doesn’t find fault with them. When you ask for something, don’t have any doubts. A person who has doubts is like a wave that is blown by the wind and tossed by the sea.
James 1:5-6

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Superpower Succession - The Return

I’m a fan of the Lord of the Rings, both the books and the movies, and while I believe some people can over-spiritualize Tolkien’s masterpiece, so much of this story resonates with me. For example: the Steward of Gondor is a regent from a line of regents whose role is to administer the country of Gondor until the rightful king returns. His title of “Steward” says it all; the country doesn’t belong to him, but the responsibility is clearly his. The role of a regent is bearing that responsibility and doing all that they can to see the rightful monarch ascend to the throne to ultimately support the king. 

But power is a hard thing to relinquish, and transitions are seldom easy. In the movie Return of the King, the Steward of Gondor had come to see himself as the rightful ruler and his progeny as the rightful successors to the throne. When the King of Gondor finally returned during the nation’s greatest peril, the Steward was less than helpful. 

Today is Shabbat Shuvah, the sabbath between Rosh Hosannah and Yom Kippur, and on this day The Return was planned ages ago. According to messianic rabbi and author, Jonathan Cahn, one of The Return’s leaders, the event was ordained as far back as the Babylonian captivity, planned ages ago and by divine providence coinciding with the theme of today’s Sabbath torah portion, or planned Scripture reading. It is a call to Return and Repent. I attended the entire event, and I truly believe it’s a moment of significance for our country. It was a time for a collective repentance for both our nation and the church.

I had longed to be there in person, but the Lord stopped me and had me attend virtually through the live stream. The Return included a Presidential Message on the National Day of Prayer and Return, and although issued by the President, he did not show up for the event. I wept multiple times throughout the 15-hour gathering, but I also struggled through some parts of the venue. I believe everything was done with good intentions, honoring spiritual fathers and our foundations. As the event progressed, I listened to prophetic proclamations that stirred my heart, and yet I also bristled at “prophetic” words that were not from God. 

Some of the most impactful messages were spoken by the organizers, Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip. I applaud their courage, foresight and faithfulness in organizing this event. I don’t know if they’ll ever see my small blog, but I publicly thank them for implementing what my heart has been crying out to see. 

Today was a confession of sins, as a nation and as a body of believers, but understand: a confession of sins is just the start of repentance! The hard part is following through on the commitments made, standing firm in active opposition against the evil that we have allowed to fester and grow. It requires a persistent response and commitment to prayer. And we need righteous leaders, pastors who are going to inspire believers to Christian purity and civil leadership, praying pastors. We need mature congregations who insist on more than the milk they’ve been fed through seeker-sensitive and politically safe messages. Pray that God raises up these laborers because the harvest is truly great!

Yes, I believe this was a momentous day. The forerunners attending today’s Return will either bring greater repentance, purity and endeavor within the America Church, or the country will continue to slide into further depravity, facing providential judgement. Regardless, I believe it will be a struggle, a wrestling match between good and evil, and it will only be won by fighting for what is good in a way that glorifies God. 

Finally, we need to be prepared for what I saw in the Spirit during this time of National and Global Repentance: the mantle was shifted to Israel. You might be wondering what that means. Think of John the Baptist after baptizing Jesus, saying how John must decrease so that Jesus would increase. America will fall from Superpower status so that Israel will increase. The kingdom of the Antichrist will also try to fill that void, and it will appear to succeed until the King returns!

I love my country, and I do not want it to fall from power, but America has always been just a regent, a steward for the Kingdom to administer justice until the time of the King’s Return. Jesus is coming! No man knows the day nor the hour, but the world stage has been set, and America is destined to fall from Superpower status. I had prayed decades ago to know America’s role during the last days, and I asked God to show me where America was in the Bible. He led me by the Spirit to Isaiah 18 and a description of what will happen in America. There will be a pruning of the branches that have been grafted onto the vine, and I believe an upheaval in our land where the fruition of the seeds that were planted today will yield praise and adoration for our King. 

We have called Him Jesus, but His Jewish name is Y’shua, meaning Yahweh Saves. Hang on tight; the lukewarm will not survive! Be innocent as doves and wise and serpents… and prepare the way of the Lord! Y’shua is on the move!

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Awakening

“This is a little unusual.”

“I know, but she always liked to feel special, and she has always felt uncertain and scared about this moment, knowing it would come.”

“No one is going to shout ‘Surprise!’, are they? God, I hope not!” 

“No. No, not this time.” He said, smiling broadly with a twinkle in the eye. “They all know how she feels. But this is going be fun! I’ve been looking forward to this so much!”
The young woman was cautiously walking toward them from the darkness, toward all of them, looking both concerned and confused, definitely nervous. She was beautiful! Dark hair, dark eyes, looking to be in her late twenties or possibly thirty. Like many others before her, she was confused and relieved to no longer feel the stiffness, the aches, the constant pain throughout her body. It both added to the confusion, yet encouraged her with each step.

Not many people had this large of a reception, so many that knew her and were waiting for her. 

The first one she recognized, the one who kept coaxing her closer was Jack, her husband.. but it was a young and thin Jack. At first, she had mistaken him for her grandson, Jon, but it was Jack! With the realization, she walked faster, taking his hand as he pulled her into the crowd. Wait! There was her sister, Vickie smiling brightly next to Tom… and then she saw her parents! Both younger than she had ever known them.. and Carol… and Tony! They all started to crowd her now! So many people she had missed for so long! She had been alone so long, but no more!!
“I love this! I love seeing her here… I love her so much!” 

“But she barely knew you.”

“Oh, she knew me! She knew me through the people in her life, but more importantly: I knew her! Now, I’m going to welcome Claudette.”
The man started walking through the crowd. Seeing Him approach, each person knowingly and eagerly made way for Him.

His smile only grew as He approached, and His eyes shone brightly. His walk was both regal and light, almost dancing with joy as He approached her. Jack finally let her go, and her parents pulled her towards them, parting so she could walk between them to present her to the King. 
“Why should I let you into my kingdom?” He said, still smiling, knowing her response. 

“Because you invited me here…Jesus.” She said, still a bit cautious.

“Yes I did, didn’t I?” He said with a big laugh as they embraced for the first time. She looked like a little girl, hugging her best friend / older brother.
And with that happy moment the light of heaven grew, cheers erupting from all the family and friends as the greater throng of heaven suddenly was revealed. It was a vast gathering and all of heaven celebrates her entry, trusting like a child, the promises of Jesus.

In loving memory of my mom in this new day and new year of her eternal life.

So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away —look, what is new has come!

2 Corinthians 5:17

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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Imagine this: 

You are at a large house party complete with delicious food and drinks. Music is playing and people are talking, laughing, and smiling. You are there with family, friends, neighbors, some co-workers and even some folks you don’t recognize when you notice a beeping from the middle of the house. You walk over to the take a closer look at the source of the noise: a small electronic device.

Hoping it’s not what you think it is, you examine it more closely and your fears are confirmed when you realize it’s a bomb! Somehow in a wacky way you don’t fully understand, you have the knowledge and expertise to know for sure that this is a lethal bomb that has been activated. It will blow up the house, leaving only a large crater. You don’t even know how you recognize the bomb, but you do. You also realize it could simply look like a bomb, a clever fake intended to make a joke of the person recognizing it. And yet you know it really is a bomb. 

The beeping continues as you consider how to get people to safety. The beeping is a constant reminder that the bomb is there, but there is no count-down display like in the movies. It simply beeps and beeps indicating that a count-down has started without any way to accurately predict exactly when it will detonate. You could flee and save yourself, try to convince others, try to disable the bomb or pretend it’s not an issue

This is not some prophetic dream or vision I’m recalling, but it’s a fairly accurate analogy to what I believe is happening in our country right now. Like ancient Israel, we consecrated this nation to the Almighty God and the blessings outlined in Deuteronomy have been poured out upon the United States. But like ancient Israel, we have lost our commitment to God and the curses of abandoning His ways are coming upon us. 

But God is merciful, and He will extend this age a little longer if we return to Him… if we repent of the actions and inactions that have led to our current state. We, His people who have been called by His name as CHRISTians, are so imperfect. But if we will pray, seeking His Face and turning away from our shameful behavior, He will hear our prayers and forgive us… and He will heal our land. 

We need this, and an unbelieving world needs us to be faithful in disarming the bomb. Rosh Hashanah starts Friday September 18th. See my 10 year old warning and join me in prayer and fasting for our nation.

Become part of The Return and learn more about it through this video:

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Power Struggle

I had a conversation with someone about values. I shared mine, and he shared his. Without going into much detail about the conversation, he valued “strength”, which struck me as strange. In my mind strength was simply a means to an end, an enabler. Strength is like money: it’s only good for what it gets you. But what I do with any of my resources, such as strength or money, that can reveal what I truly value. If we cherish something that is simply an enabler, will we ever be satisfied? Can it ever be attained? It has no intrinsic benefit, but it only enables that which is really needed.

It’s been said that the only one who truly believes that money doesn’t matter has never known what it’s like to be poor. Something similar could be said about power, and maybe that’s why so many people are struggling for power. Our world is focused on power structures and power struggles; people have come to focus on power and money as the goal rather than a means to an end.

I look at these enablers differently, but it’s not because I take them for granted. There have been times in my life where my strength has been stripped from me to the point where I’ve been completely dependent upon someone else. And I know what it’s like to not have money, too. I’ll be honest: growing up without made me hungry for something more, and I can still struggle with that. But walking with Christ has opened my eyes to reality.

If money and power were so important, why weren’t they emphasized by Jesus? Instead, His messages focused on living rightly and embracing the Kingdom of God. He wasn’t concerned with power because all power was already His, something that He laid down for a period and picked up again.

As I understand it now, all power comes from God. There is no strength in my body, no power of intellect, that doesn’t come as a gift from the Almighty and Ever-Living God. That’s humbling, isn’t it? Yet it is reassuring to know there is no limit to the resources that He makes available to us. But He doesn’t just give to us as we want, like some genie in a bottle granting all our wishes. He wants us to partner with Him, walk with Him, and to see things the way they really are, the way He made them to be, so that we can become as He desires us to be.

The truth is: there is a power struggle, but it’s all one-sided. It began with one rebellious angel who decided he should be the most powerful, and it continues with angels and men that join in his rebellion. This struggle has been going on for millennia… all one-sided, because on the other side is God and those living in His Kingdom. God, the Author and Creator of all things, versus an assemble of rebellious brats who think they can somehow usurp power from the One Who
is Power itself, the very One Who gave them every resource they have.

Everything is a power struggle for those who believe that first fallen angel. But for those who let the Kingdom reign in their lives, there is no power struggle, there is simply the use of resources that God provides to do what it right: to provide for and protect others in demonstration of love. There is even the use of power to protect those who have joined in the rebellion, to help them understand the reality of God’s love. After all, the best way to destroy an enemy is to make them your friend.

But at some point, the enemy camp will be filled with only the irredeemable. At that point, all of heaven will be quiet in the solemn realization that no one else will be joining the Kingdom, and the power of God will be displayed. The rebellion will come to an end, and all those who struggled for power will discover it was a foolish endeavor. And those who struggled to live rightly and walk with their God will find their reward in an eternity of unfiltered love and joy. May we all be struggling for the right thing!

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Sunday, September 6, 2020


He liked this room. It was high enough to give him the perspective that he needed but not so high that egress would be difficult. He had to keep moving so he could provide the others with timely and accurate information as they advanced. But, yeah, it was a good room. The curtains were still hanging and functional even though the windowpanes were half missing. There was even a bed in the corner. The sheets had been pulled tightly some time ago by someone who never returned to find rest, time before lawlessness took over this area. Yeah, the room was perfect for his needs tonight.

Hey, and it even had reading material! Torn out and tac’d into the wall were newspaper clippings and papers that had been printed out, strings connecting the different pieces. One in particular caught his attention:

Washington Tribune – Op Ed February 6, 2021

Editor’s Note: the following opinion demonstrates the Tribune’s continuing commitment to provide dissenting viewpoints while providing example to our editorial board’s position on the dangers that religious fanaticism pose to a progressive society.

I grew up watching the nightly news, first the local station where the weatherman made predictions that almost never came true, followed by the national news. I remember as a five-year-old being sentenced to a child’s rocking chair in front of a black and white TV, watching Walter Cronkite after hearing the dreaded statement: “Wait until your father gets home!” Yes, I was in trouble for a crime I had irrefutably committed, and I kept expecting to have my life’s errors broadcast for the whole world to see while I awaited judgement! I don’t recall exactly how my father reacted, but I remember it at being more even-tempered than I deserved.

The news was important to my parents. My dad read the newspaper daily and the television was almost always on if there was a news program to watch: morning news at breakfast, evening news at dinner, and late-night news before bed. Later in life, Just Fax News played continuously on my mother’s TV, and whenever we got together, she was quick to ask me if I had heard about some recent newsworthy event.

As an adult, I didn’t have the same insatiable desire for the latest news that my parents did, but I would still try to watch the local news before going to bed or scan through the Internet headlines for something that was truly newsworthy. However, sometime in the early 2000’s, I decided the network news wasn’t a good use of my day. Oh, I’d still watch it on occasion, but it was with a growing apprehension for both what was communicated and how it was being conveyed. It was obvious to me that programs played an agenda, and it was played out very effectively over the years. Back then, it was more subtle than today, where a large segment of society has joined the deconstructionist ideology. Back then, the news often empathized with the prevalent mood in the country, at least initially, but they very craftily steered people toward a different perspective over days, weeks and even years, playing to the good nature and sympathies of a well-intentioned public.

By the time of the 2016 election, the United States had become two, competing cultures that edified their faction’s champions and vilified the political opposition. I had silently reached the conclusion that mainstream news couldn’t be trusted long before the president started his “Fake News” meme. By this time, I seldom watched a news program and had chosen alternative means for getting information. I’d still scan the headlines on internet news or posts on social media, but I’d try to find the primary source if it seemed important. Sure, I’d still follow network news for things that weren’t politically charged, like a natural disaster or school closings, but I didn’t waste much time listening to commentary when it reeked of propaganda. When I did choose to listen, it was with a discerning mind. I’d try to listen carefully to both what was said and question all that wasn’t said, pulling from what I had discovered in researching primary sources. I found certain podcasts that proved to be reliable, still cautious that even these new sources of information could be corrupted over time.

In my younger years, I served in the United States Marine Corps, and it was there that I had become aware of operations security. This special skill discerns the plans of a potential enemy by analyzing seemingly unrelated activities. There are experts in this field; I’m a novice, perhaps less than a novice. They are professionals, and I’m at best a hobbyist. But nonetheless, I’ve found myself intelligence gathering, no longer having the option of listening to any news source without a touch of skepticism, trying to triangulate information from sources believed to be reliable. I adopted the cartesian method, doubting everything I thought I knew to see where it led me, all from the lens of Scripture. What I discovered was disturbing, especially in light of the current coverage the media gives to the riots and retaliations occurring in our streets.

I’ve observed that power has been relentlessly centralized in the news media. Conglomerates purchased local stations and small-town newspapers until finally there were no more truly local communication channels. Then the news moguls started buying out their competitors until a silent signal seemed to trigger a truce. And suddenly all the news programs started to look and sound eerily familiar. Oh, they had their unique slant and personalities, but the message and often the sound bites were identical.

What I’ve concluded is that power corrupts and the centralization of power corrupts absolutely. A few people started controlling what was newsworthy and messaging to spin the truth and guide a nation, but you know what? We aren’t as dumb and na├»ve as you thought we were. We don’t buy it… and now we don’t buy your product, your so-called news. As I read all your arguments for rising up against a systemically corrupt government that was founded in classism… to challenge the outcome of this election because of the confusion created by all the mail-in voting you encouraged, I remember a vow I once made. When I joined the corps, I took an oath against all enemies, foreign and domestic to protect a document you now advocate replacing. That document was written for a nation that was once indivisible under God that paved the way for civil rights reforms of the 60’s, but your proposed revisions promise comforts in exchange for freedom. In short, it’s a contract for slavery.
Wow, he thought to himself, It turns out he wasn’t wrong. I bet he sounded crazy at the time, but he wasn’t wrong. Of course, history belongs to the victors, right? We need to win this.

Looking out the window, the night was still. Maybe it would stay that way. Maybe others hated the fighting as much as he did, but he reminded himself: some things are worth fighting for.

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