Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Right is Wrong and Wrong is right

Right is wrong and Wrong is right
   and all throughout the land is night.
The sweet-sick words of lying mouths-
   have taken hold of wandering moths
So off into the fire they fly;
   determined creatures, they flit to die.

My children, beloved, how far you have strayed,
   thus now as a Harlot, I cast you away!
Away with your stupid, your foolish delights!
   Away with you, creatures, and out to the night!

But yet to My Remnant do I still proclaim:
   Right is still right, and day is still day.
In you, My last Remnant, do I still delight.
   Continue to search Me and bathe in My Light.

copyright ©2011 Mitchell Malloy (http://mitchellmalloyblogspot.com/)