Tuesday, October 16, 2012

America the Fallen

America, America, how far have you fallen?
Babylon the great has fallen indeed!
You who have led the world in idolatrous pleasures
and submitted yourselves as another’s treasure!
And conquest? No one needed to conquer you!
For you gave it away with all that you do…
to forsake your inheritance for a bowlful of stew:
the addict who desperately grasps for a fix,
completely oblivious, the eyes so transfixed
on that death-dealing high that will bring him down low!
So lower and lower and lower you go!
So sad. So true! Still you question “What’s truth?”
“It doesn’t fit my agenda… I must bury it!”
“But then I always preferred darkness to light.”
Babylon the great has fallen indeed!

copyright ©2012 Mitchell Malloy (http://mitchellmalloyblogspot.com/)