Thursday, October 31, 2019

End Song

The Darkness threatens to enter my home 

And proclaim the great things that man has done

These hands of men and their great rebellion

That have finally removed the need for God

Imagine there’s no future 

Beyond the hardness of man’s heart

The rich and haughty, smart and mighty

Declare that they have won

And it appears that they are right

For no man can overcome their stronghold

“Join us!” they say, “We are strong, and we are one!”

No giant ever seemed so large 

Or logic seemed so sound


I know of One more mighty

His great strength beyond compare

His knowledge of this moment 

Preceded both limb and hair

He laughs at the rebellious 

As they scheme toward a defeat

So easily avoided

Had they simply given heed 

To words from the beginning 

His declaration of peace

For anyone so humble 

As to acknowledge their need

Now we wait His grand return

Though the world around us laughs

And pray that they will likewise 

Before seven trumpet blasts
copyright ©2019 Mitchell Malloy (