Wednesday, October 5, 2005

The End of a Prayer Experiment?

As the Indy Vineyard ended September's 24x7 prayer experiment, I felt let down. The prayer experiment was a success... the people enthusiastic... the Lord very obviously present. The Indy Vineyard had done nothing different than what they had committed to do, following through in every way. But I was still disappointed. Why not more?

The Lord reminded me of His words... that we would not need to worship in a specific place, but that we would worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:20-24).

He also gave me picture of an underwater nuclear detonation. Now, I am against nukes, but I didn't have any apprehension about this image. An underwater detonation is the "cleanest" kind of nuclear detonation, causing most of its impact under the surface, reverberating with tremendous force.

That is the power God unleashed in this prayer experiment! It may be under the surface, but it resonates in power. That is how our prayers impact this world... often hidden, yet carrying tremendous force.

Which part of the Body in Indiana will carry the 24x7 torch next?

The Enemy trembles and cries out in fear and anger to see me type these words: No principality will stand against God's army as we wield the heavenly weapons He has given us!

Remain in His Presence as He leads you, transforming you from glory to glory. And share with others in this group how He's leading you.

In Service to the King,