Saturday, January 21, 2012

Planting a Church... NOT!

I'm taking a little time today to reflect where the Lord may be leading me. As part of that, I go back through the past year and major milestones in my life, and in doing this self-examination, I took at look at a web site I had put up for Planting a Church, and decided that I needed to do something with it.

Option 1:
Take the site down, destroying all evidence. Makes perfect sense. No reason to keep that embarassment up on the web.

Option 2:
Archive the site. Maybe there's something worth keeping or reusing in some way. Yeah, that would work.

Option 3:
Update the site. Seriously??? With what?!?

So, yeah, I chose Option 3. It seemed like the right thing to do... not for my self-esteem or personal edification, but as part of being faithful to what I believe is the prompting of the Holy Spirit... lucky me. As I was typing changes, I saw someone who goes to the church we used to attend. She said that she knows we don't go there anymore and would like to know what's going on in our lives, so I take that as confimation that maybe there's a reason why I'm doing this... beyond the awkward uncomfortableness of following God's leading when it just doesn't makes sense at the time. (sigh)

I haven't done much updating to the site. For the most part, I've just updated the "Planting a Church" status to explain why it's really Planting a Church... NOT!.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Tower of Babble

I build this monument to man
a shining pillar tall and grand
embodying power like the sun
but yet my tribute people shun.
In madness wrought the hands of Death
a power tool to steal souls with
the end result of perfect man
a perfect fool, his perfect plan
to control all life with just one hand.
And in it's sacrificial light,
the holy pillar takes on flight,
assuming height with ugly grace
to attempt to end the human race.
The race that's lived since Cain killed Abel,
the race that's been a tinge unstable
and never learned from past mistakes
and never more than half awake
has never realized it's hope,
but slept in war and greed and dope.
With pride it's embodied the power of suns.
In glory, she bursts with megatons.

copyright ©2012 Mitchell Malloy (

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To Love Again

Cold and empty, without Your warmth.
Again, I can feel death's chill.
Oh, help me to love as I once loved,
The breath of Your Life,
Your Way, Your Truth.
Fill me with Goodness,
and gladness and hope,
and committment to love You
with all that I am.

copyright ©1994-2012 Mitchell Malloy (