Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can you hear me now?

The husband looked longingly at his bride, observing every detail of her face, understanding every emotion and every thought, watching every movement as she hurried through her tasks. The bride looked at her groom and said: "I've got alot going on today. Can you help me out with this list of chores? Thanks." The groom, without losing eye contact, smiled and said: "No problem. I love you... very much." But the woman walked quickly out the door without waiting for a response, oblivious to the expression of love that her groom had just uttered. This is a story from my life, but it's not me and my wife in the above interaction. It's how I used to look at prayer: one-way communication of what I wanted done. But prayer is so much more than that. It is two-way communication; it's time spent with the spiritual Bridegroom; it's the foundational building block of our relationship with God.

It's not that we have to pray... we GET to pray! If we stop to listen to God, we get to hear Him express His intense love for us. Sure, we need to attend to certain tasks, but like the story of Mary and Martha, we choose the BETTER thing when we sit at His feet and just listen.

"Don't just do something; sit there!"