Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Abrupt End

I've been encouraged over the past year to look at the statistics on who reads this blog. Now, I don’t have insight into specific people who access the page, but I do see a summary on the number of readers from different countries. I've seen a growth in international readers, and I want to let you know just how much this has encouraged me. There have even been times when the number of readers from Germany or Russia exceeds that from the U.S. 

I am so very encouraged by my friends across the world, but I’m also a little saddened when the number of Americans reading this blog is less than Internationals. I have a specific message for America that is going unheeded. So I ask for all your prayers: that I am heard and that this message will drive a change in hearts and minds so that the Remnant in America will listen, repent and increase. I believe the Lord has told me that the time is short. As a man, I don’t have a complete understanding of what exactly that means, but I do know that the message is urgently needed.

There is a book call “The Harbinger , which centers on Isaiah 9:10 as a warning for America. Although written in a very melodramatic way, the message of the book rings true to me. Even before I became aware of the book and its message, the Lord led me several times in my quiet time with Him to read Isaiah 9:8-21 as a warning for America.  He has repeatedly told me of His coming wrath since my post of 2009. Before Hurricane Sandy, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, or the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Lord let me know that a time of greater oppression was being unleashed. Things are not going to get better unless we correct the root issue.

The core problem in America isn’t Corporations, the Military or the Government as often depicted in Hollywood blockbusters. It’s not War, Terrorism or the Economy as the nightly news indicates. It’s not that Divorce is common-place or that we choose to medicate with our addiction of choice, such as Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Wealth or Work. The root problem is that the American Church is like salt that has lost its saltiness. Salt preserves and salt brings out the flavor in things. Salt can’t be watered down to be effective. It also can’t be isolated to bring out the flavor in other things. Salt needs to be different yet still connected to fulfill its intended purpose. But if the Body of Christ in America looks no different from the rest of America in how we live, then God’s hand of protection will be removed from the United States just like it was from Israel. The biggest threat to America is that American Christians have lost their First Love. (See also The Biggest Threat to Christianity)

As a youth, I used to hear: “Hate the sin; love the sinner.” But as a culture, Americans have deliberately forgotten that the sin is separate from the sinner. The sin and sinner are too often falsely identified as one; therefore, to rebuke the sin is considered a condemnation of the sinner. Likewise, to accept the sinner incorrectly implies that the sin must be accepted as well. We are all broken people, each with our pet sins, but we need to put these unhealthy pets to death. What need is there of repentance if there no acknowledged sin in our lives? So if we remain blind to our sins, there is only a death spiral and quick destruction, but if we acknowledge what is unhealthy in our lives and if we take steps to be healthy, there is restoration!

“Rebuke the sin so the sinner can be saved!” This is a message for the believer entangled in sin more so than for the unbeliever. Salvation is the undeserved offer to the unbeliever, but restoration comes through the obedience of the believer. Just because you've seen the doctor doesn't mean you’ll get better; follow the treatment plan! Stop the unhealthy things that are killing you and start living the healthy lifestyle that will bring you energy and joy! 

America is close to an abrupt end, and the world will wonder at the sudden destruction that comes upon this nation. Still, if the believers in this country turn back to our First Love and do those things that we first did, I believe God will be gracious and restore health to us, both as individuals and as a nation. And if only a small number return to Him, as individuals, we will still see evidence of His protection and provision in our lives. Seek the Lord while He may be found; trust in Him and don’t lean on your own understanding. It will not be without trials and temptations, but it will be worth it!

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