Saturday, February 6, 2021

American Manifest Destiny

This is a vision for America’s future and not a lingering tour on its past, expanding upon America in the End Times  - Part 1 and America in the End Times  - Part 2 

In the 19th century, a phrase was used to describe a vision United States had to encompass the North American continent, extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The people saw it so clearly, believed it so vividly, that it became a reality. The phrase was “Manifest Destiny”. 

Writing this, I realize that some people could be offended. The title alone may offend Americans in Canada or Mexico, and I don’t mean U.S. citizens residing in Canada or Mexico. I was reminded years ago by a Canadian friend that people in both those countries are also American and that the U.S. still claim the title “American” as a holdout to the days of Manifest Destiny. 

Other readers may be offended by the way the U.S. claimed the North American continent for its own without respect to the indigenous peoples. As a nation, we owe an apology to the Native Americans. I sometimes wonder what this country would be like if we had grown together collaboratively over time, but without wanting to sound callous, we can’t change the past, and the only healthy response is to try to move forward together. It’s unproductive to dwell on what-if scenarios and together we should answer the question: what now? 

The Latin motto for the United States is E Pluribus Unum, from many one, and the current mantra is a call to Unity. But can there be unity with opposing values? This war of values is nothing new, and in my half-century on earth I’ve seen it become increasingly pronounced. The truth is by its very nature exclusive so we’ve been asked to let go of truth; the agenda or party line is the new truth, a fluid concept defined by whoever is in power. Unity is therefore found in Conformity: don’t make waves and do your part. Maybe one day you’ll ascend to power and be able to define what is true for others. 

Truth does not yield to the finite power of man!

However, the fluid truth of “progressive” thinkers is incompatible with following Christ. In reality, we only become one from many by pursuing and yielding to an absolute Truth. The current call for Unity is in direct opposition to the Creator of Truth, the Truth Incarnate, the All-Powerful God, Who alone defined reality at the dawn of the universe. As followers of Christ, we can’t participate in a relativistic culture and represent the light of God’s truth; it’s time to stop living otherwise!

The reality is that the universe was ordered by God at the very beginning into the natural and moral law. Yet since the tower of Babel, man has attempted to organize and centralize power under the banner of Unity, to reach the point where man can say “I have no need for God since I can do all in my own power. Now, what I have made is good because I have called it so.” Mankind has reached a point where they believe they can rewrite the creation as desired.

Sadly, the prevailing worldview reflects the culture of hell as described by C.S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters. He modelled hell’s culture after corporate America, where the powerful exploit useful idiots to grow their kingdom. This is the culture of the financial and socialist elites as they centralize control over everything: news, education, government, commerce and even speech. The globalist centralization of power is the culmination of rebellion against God that started in the Garden of Eden. I wonder: has mankind reached the pinnacle of lawlessness that God foretold for the last days?

But true Americans will not submit!

America was founded with the biblical value for every individual, that each and every person is created with the inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. People were not made to conform to the powers that be, the power centers that seek to control their fiefdoms. Americans realized the innate value of every person, the weak and the strong, understanding the responsibility of the strong is to protect the weak. While this belief has not always been modelled well, it is nonetheless the standard to which we’ve been called. This calling separated us from the British monarchy and later rallied us to oppose the threat of Hitler. Over time, these beliefs broke the evil chains of slavery and opened doors for civil rights. 

America has symbolized freedom and hope for nations across the world and slowed the threat of globalist elites, but this American Dream had to be removed for a New World Order to appear. This new order is simply the old powerplay of the past where strong prey on the weak, and we are now facing giants that are larger than ever, unprecedented power centers of elitists that seek to use and oppress the common man for their own purposes. 

So this is what the Almighty Lord says to them: I will judge disputes between the fat sheep and the skinny sheep. You fat sheep push the skinny sheep with your sides and shoulders, and you knock down all the sick sheep with your horns. You have scattered them all over. So I will rescue my sheep, and they will no longer be prey. I will judge between one sheep and another.

Ezekiel 34:20-24

America in the Bible

I’ve written about my belief that Isaiah 18 is a prophecy for America. It describes a nation beyond the borders of the known world and is referred to as the land of whirring wings (shadowed by buzzing wings), renowned from their beginning. This country is divided by many rivers and its inhabitants are recognized by their height, their strength and their smooth skin, a sign of health, prosperity and beauty. Where did man learn to fly but in America? What nation was filled with airplanes until locked down by COVID fears? The shot heard around the world was the start of the American Revolution in defiance to the greatest giant known up to that time, the British Empire. From it’s very beginning, America’s founding fathers were renowned and victorious for shaking off the yoke of tyranny. They humbly acknowledged God as the source of their independence, and they dedicated this nation to Him.

Like Israel, so long as we followed God we were strong, but by turning from His ways, we have been handed over to our enemies, betrayed by the domestic globalists serving a New World Order. But like Israel, this unnamed nation in Isaiah 18 has a triumphant destiny. It’s not ordained for destruction like Moab in Isaiah 16. No, this nation will be pruned like a fruit tree to make it more productive, and I believe this nation has been given the great privilege of pronouncing Christ’s return!

Read chapter 18 in Isaiah asking God to reveal its meaning. Verses 1 and 2 describe the unnamed nation. Verse 3 describes the nation’s calling. Verses 4-6 outline when and how this nation will be readied to fulfill its destiny as finally explained in the 7th and final verse.

A New Manifest Destiny

Just as our Founding Fathers did not have the strength to overcome the giant of their day by their own strength, we cannot overcome the evil that has embedded itself to our nation through reliance upon our own power. We cannot borrow from the playbook of immoral leftists without becoming like them. So how do we subdue the subtle insurrection that has stolen this country? We need God to work in us and through us, and we need a vision for the future. We cannot achieve victory without first understanding what we are fighting to attain. 

With God’s help, America shall find its new manifest destiny by overcoming the unproductive shoots that have sprung up in this nation. These are not just the unproductive branches of Church, the halls of government or the mode of commerce. It is taking the entire culture with the truth of God; it is all encompassing, everything submitted to the King of Glory!

I truly believe that America will find its manifest destiny by resisting and overcoming the tyranny of the global elite, who arrogantly believe they have won. The oppression will increase until God’s people refuse to participate. Then, our triumph will be like a banner on the mountains and like the sounding of a trumpet that the Rapture is imminent. Finally, when Christ’s Millennial Reign begins, true Americans will offer the gift of this Christian nation, submitted fully to Him and His authority. 

An America dedicated to God is a nation that is inviolably tied to biblical values and principles. The Constitution was a means to that end but is not an end in itself. The individual leaders are a means to this end but not an idol to be worshipped. We cannot place our hope and trust in individual leaders or in anything that we’ve made. Our only hope is in Christ alone fueled by the ideals outlined in Scripture. Our governance, our commerce and every established system must yield to biblical values and principles or fall to the tyranny of the institution. For it is in the institutional centralization of power that we become enslaved to a law that is not from heaven. True freedom and empowerment is only found in dependency upon God’s provision and protection. 

To retake America for Christ, every leader and every construct can only be embraced as temporary mechanism for progress… yet cautiously viewed as a potential fortress for institutional tyranny. When our goliath falls, it will not be through the power of our own hands but in faithfulness to what God has told us to do. So when this giant topples, we will be like the men of Gideon rejoicing in the power of the God Who Saves!

Rather than trusting in our own strength, we will yield to the power of the Holy Spirit, wise as serpents yet innocent as doves. It was a serpent that Moses raised up in the wilderness to bring healing, and the wisdom of serpents is a mystery to man. A serpent stays hidden when possible and does not seek a confrontation, but serpents strike quickly when left no choice. It will be like the triumph of Esther as the unproductive shoots are pruned from this nation.

Over the coming years, draw close to God and remain close to Him for the time is near.

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