Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Call to Fast Dec. 1st through 3rd

I believe the Lord is calling many of us to fast. If He has placed that desire in your heart, then we should seek His will for what that looks like. It may be that He is calling you to do a complete fast (no food or water), or He may just be calling you to give up one choice food (e.g. - a cup of coffee, sweets, etc.). It could be for 1 day or 40 days. All we have to offer Him is not enough, yet He honors even the smallest step we take towards Him!

But whatever a "fast" may look like for you, this much I know from my own failures at fasting: I've done it to "lose weight" (doesn't work!) or to edify myself ("look how 'strong' I am!"). Fasting for the wrong reasons is a waste of time.

However, it is very powerful and FREEING to fast when done in the right way: every time you have the desire for that thing from which you are abstaining, it is a reminder to pray. I say: "Lord, you are more important to me than _____" or "Lord, hear my prayer for _____! It is more important than what I am temporarily giving up!"

I am joining with others to fast Friday through Sunday. Although we may have different objectives, I believe the Lord will honor our feeble attempts to draw close to Him in unison.

I am anxious to hear what the Lord does through us as we assault the very gates of hell! Darkness is the absence of Light; Cold is the absence of Heat; Evil is the absence of God. As we collectively draw close to God's Presence... His Love, the Enemy will tremble. He is trembling to know our plans even as I type.

Please forward this message on to others as the Lord leads.

Soli Deo Gloria! (To God alone be the Glory!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Showing God's Love Through the Holidays

Just an encouragement to all those who have labored in prayer for unbelieving family members:

It all starts with prayer... especially for our own motivation. If we come with an agenda, they can smell our religious pride a mile away. Who wants to be hit over the head with a Bible? (I write this as someone with a good swingin' arm!)

Religion would have us use love as an evangelization tool. But showing God's love is a naturally supernatural witness. (1 John 4:19) Just love on others and enjoy the holidays! In the words of Francis of Assisi: "At all times preach the Gospel. If necessary, speak!"

May the God of all creation grant you favor in the eyes of men, to whom you are ambassadors of His grace!

Peace and Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 17, 2006

WANTED: Family to spend Thanksgiving with - Will supply turkey.

As to the subject line... no, I'm not looking for a family to spend Thanksgiving with, but someone is. He or she may be rich materially but poor in real wealth.

The "cool" thing to do for us "Christians", is to help the poor once or twice a year so we can "introduce someone to Christ", and then go about our merry way. "Yes, Lord! Bless that person!", but let someone else love on them for the remaining days of the year. "Convict that person who has so much wealth, Lord!", but don't have me show them Agape love!

  • The poor will always be with you. Love on them without agenda!
  • Our affluent society is starving for real food. Feed Christ's sheep!
  • Can we sow seeds of Eros and expect trees of Agape to grow?

Be encouraged:
  • 2005 was a year of plenty, when seeds of faith were sown.
  • 2006 has been a year of suffering, where as Scripture says, our hope grown.
  • 2007 is a year of decision, where perfect love is bestowed!
If this message resonates in you, act on it... for our faith without works is quite dead!

And pray... so that our works do not become a substitute for our First Love!

Love, Joy, and Peace!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The World as Best as I Understand

There was a man who lived in a garden, perfect in every way.
And he could eat of all the fruit, except for one from which God said to refrain.
"For the day you eat that fruit," the Lord said, "you will surely die."
Yet still he took a bite, and I'll tell you why:
He said: "This fruit that's in my hands
will help me understand
how to live life as my own god."

So sin entered the world that day, staining it in every way
ruining the fabric of all life.
Yet Yahweh said: "I'll make a way!
"I'll plant a vine and graft on branches,
the branches will grow green with leaves.
And they will bear much fruit.
And renew the face of the earth."

So came a Man into this desert, perfect in every way.
The prophets say He is the Shepherd of the people that Yahweh chose to save.
Still many who hear His Voice still go their separate ways.
They say: "God's given me a choice and this is what I say:
`There's strength that's in my hands
and I've a brain that understands.
I'll do the good that I choose!'"

And sadly, the Church today echoes those words in many ways.
Tell me: "Who is God and who is not?"
For Jesus said (He says today!):
"I am the Vine. You are branches.
If a man remains in Me and I in Him,
then he will bear much fruit.
Apart from Me, you can do nothing.

So let us pray! Let us pray:
"You are the Vine; we are Your branches.
Lord Jesus remain in all of our hearts
so we will bear You much fruit
and renew the face of the earth!"

Copyright © 2006 – Mitch Malloy

Friday, November 10, 2006

Suffering and Love

I had an interesting thought the other day...

It came from a meeting at work... a one-on-one meeting where I was encouraged to think along the lines of "What's in it for me?", especially in my interactions with others. After all, that's how we "hook them" onto our agenda.

It's all too easy to think along those lines, but if we stop and consider the implications, where does that lead us?

If I interact with my co-workers, my kids, my spouse, my church, my community like that, all I'm doing is spreading seeds of "eros". However, we're called to live out a different kind of love: agape.

Why do we expect to see trees of AGAPE grow when we sow seeds of eros?

What if ALL our interactions were based on our best (albeit imperfect) understanding of the RIGHT THING? Well, that implies a sacrifice. It means doing what is in the best interest of others without regard to what they want, how they'll react, or whether I even WANT to do it.

That is the kind of love we're called to live out. Success is in the hands of God, it's just our responsibility to be faithful. We are called to be in this world and not of it...

Please pray for greater faithfulness in me and the entire Body.

Blessings, Peace and LOVE!