Saturday, September 26, 2020

Superpower Succession - The Return

I’m a fan of the Lord of the Rings, both the books and the movies, and while I believe some people can over-spiritualize Tolkien’s masterpiece, so much of this story resonates with me. For example: the Steward of Gondor is a regent from a line of regents whose role is to administer the country of Gondor until the rightful king returns. His title of “Steward” says it all; the country doesn’t belong to him, but the responsibility is clearly his. The role of a regent is bearing that responsibility and doing all that they can to see the rightful monarch ascend to the throne to ultimately support the king. 

But power is a hard thing to relinquish, and transitions are seldom easy. In the movie Return of the King, the Steward of Gondor had come to see himself as the rightful ruler and his progeny as the rightful successors to the throne. When the King of Gondor finally returned during the nation’s greatest peril, the Steward was less than helpful. 

Today is Shabbat Shuvah, the sabbath between Rosh Hosannah and Yom Kippur, and on this day The Return was planned ages ago. According to messianic rabbi and author, Jonathan Cahn, one of The Return’s leaders, the event was ordained as far back as the Babylonian captivity, planned ages ago and by divine providence coinciding with the theme of today’s Sabbath torah portion, or planned Scripture reading. It is a call to Return and Repent. I attended the entire event, and I truly believe it’s a moment of significance for our country. It was a time for a collective repentance for both our nation and the church.

I had longed to be there in person, but the Lord stopped me and had me attend virtually through the live stream. The Return included a Presidential Message on the National Day of Prayer and Return, and although issued by the President, he did not show up for the event. I wept multiple times throughout the 15-hour gathering, but I also struggled through some parts of the venue. I believe everything was done with good intentions, honoring spiritual fathers and our foundations. As the event progressed, I listened to prophetic proclamations that stirred my heart, and yet I also bristled at “prophetic” words that were not from God. 

Some of the most impactful messages were spoken by the organizers, Jonathan Cahn and Kevin Jessip. I applaud their courage, foresight and faithfulness in organizing this event. I don’t know if they’ll ever see my small blog, but I publicly thank them for implementing what my heart has been crying out to see. 

Today was a confession of sins, as a nation and as a body of believers, but understand: a confession of sins is just the start of repentance! The hard part is following through on the commitments made, standing firm in active opposition against the evil that we have allowed to fester and grow. It requires a persistent response and commitment to prayer. And we need righteous leaders, pastors who are going to inspire believers to Christian purity and civil leadership, praying pastors. We need mature congregations who insist on more than the milk they’ve been fed through seeker-sensitive and politically safe messages. Pray that God raises up these laborers because the harvest is truly great!

Yes, I believe this was a momentous day. The forerunners attending today’s Return will either bring greater repentance, purity and endeavor within the America Church, or the country will continue to slide into further depravity, facing providential judgement. Regardless, I believe it will be a struggle, a wrestling match between good and evil, and it will only be won by fighting for what is good in a way that glorifies God. 

Finally, we need to be prepared for what I saw in the Spirit during this time of National and Global Repentance: the mantle was shifted to Israel. You might be wondering what that means. Think of John the Baptist after baptizing Jesus, saying how John must decrease so that Jesus would increase. America will fall from Superpower status so that Israel will increase. The kingdom of the Antichrist will also try to fill that void, and it will appear to succeed until the King returns!

I love my country, and I do not want it to fall from power, but America has always been just a regent, a steward for the Kingdom to administer justice until the time of the King’s Return. Jesus is coming! No man knows the day nor the hour, but the world stage has been set, and America is destined to fall from Superpower status. I had prayed decades ago to know America’s role during the last days, and I asked God to show me where America was in the Bible. He led me by the Spirit to Isaiah 18 and a description of what will happen in America. There will be a pruning of the branches that have been grafted onto the vine, and I believe an upheaval in our land where the fruition of the seeds that were planted today will yield praise and adoration for our King. 

We have called Him Jesus, but His Jewish name is Y’shua, meaning Yahweh Saves. Hang on tight; the lukewarm will not survive! Be innocent as doves and wise and serpents… and prepare the way of the Lord! Y’shua is on the move!

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Awakening

“This is a little unusual.”

“I know, but she always liked to feel special, and she has always felt uncertain and scared about this moment, knowing it would come.”

“No one is going to shout ‘Surprise!’, are they? God, I hope not!” 

“No. No, not this time.” He said, smiling broadly with a twinkle in the eye. “They all know how she feels. But this is going be fun! I’ve been looking forward to this so much!”
The young woman was cautiously walking toward them from the darkness, toward all of them, looking both concerned and confused, definitely nervous. She was beautiful! Dark hair, dark eyes, looking to be in her late twenties or possibly thirty. Like many others before her, she was confused and relieved to no longer feel the stiffness, the aches, the constant pain throughout her body. It both added to the confusion, yet encouraged her with each step.

Not many people had this large of a reception, so many that knew her and were waiting for her. 

The first one she recognized, the one who kept coaxing her closer was Jack, her husband.. but it was a young and thin Jack. At first, she had mistaken him for her grandson, Jon, but it was Jack! With the realization, she walked faster, taking his hand as he pulled her into the crowd. Wait! There was her sister, Vickie smiling brightly next to Tom… and then she saw her parents! Both younger than she had ever known them.. and Carol… and Tony! They all started to crowd her now! So many people she had missed for so long! She had been alone so long, but no more!!
“I love this! I love seeing her here… I love her so much!” 

“But she barely knew you.”

“Oh, she knew me! She knew me through the people in her life, but more importantly: I knew her! Now, I’m going to welcome Claudette.”
The man started walking through the crowd. Seeing Him approach, each person knowingly and eagerly made way for Him.

His smile only grew as He approached, and His eyes shone brightly. His walk was both regal and light, almost dancing with joy as He approached her. Jack finally let her go, and her parents pulled her towards them, parting so she could walk between them to present her to the King. 
“Why should I let you into my kingdom?” He said, still smiling, knowing her response. 

“Because you invited me here…Jesus.” She said, still a bit cautious.

“Yes I did, didn’t I?” He said with a big laugh as they embraced for the first time. She looked like a little girl, hugging her best friend / older brother.
And with that happy moment the light of heaven grew, cheers erupting from all the family and friends as the greater throng of heaven suddenly was revealed. It was a vast gathering and all of heaven celebrates her entry, trusting like a child, the promises of Jesus.

In loving memory of my mom in this new day and new year of her eternal life.

So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away —look, what is new has come!

2 Corinthians 5:17

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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Imagine this: 

You are at a large house party complete with delicious food and drinks. Music is playing and people are talking, laughing, and smiling. You are there with family, friends, neighbors, some co-workers and even some folks you don’t recognize when you notice a beeping from the middle of the house. You walk over to the take a closer look at the source of the noise: a small electronic device.

Hoping it’s not what you think it is, you examine it more closely and your fears are confirmed when you realize it’s a bomb! Somehow in a wacky way you don’t fully understand, you have the knowledge and expertise to know for sure that this is a lethal bomb that has been activated. It will blow up the house, leaving only a large crater. You don’t even know how you recognize the bomb, but you do. You also realize it could simply look like a bomb, a clever fake intended to make a joke of the person recognizing it. And yet you know it really is a bomb. 

The beeping continues as you consider how to get people to safety. The beeping is a constant reminder that the bomb is there, but there is no count-down display like in the movies. It simply beeps and beeps indicating that a count-down has started without any way to accurately predict exactly when it will detonate. You could flee and save yourself, try to convince others, try to disable the bomb or pretend it’s not an issue

This is not some prophetic dream or vision I’m recalling, but it’s a fairly accurate analogy to what I believe is happening in our country right now. Like ancient Israel, we consecrated this nation to the Almighty God and the blessings outlined in Deuteronomy have been poured out upon the United States. But like ancient Israel, we have lost our commitment to God and the curses of abandoning His ways are coming upon us. 

But God is merciful, and He will extend this age a little longer if we return to Him… if we repent of the actions and inactions that have led to our current state. We, His people who have been called by His name as CHRISTians, are so imperfect. But if we will pray, seeking His Face and turning away from our shameful behavior, He will hear our prayers and forgive us… and He will heal our land. 

We need this, and an unbelieving world needs us to be faithful in disarming the bomb. Rosh Hashanah starts Friday September 18th. See my 10 year old warning and join me in prayer and fasting for our nation.

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Power Struggle

I had a conversation with someone about values. I shared mine, and he shared his. Without going into much detail about the conversation, he valued “strength”, which struck me as strange. In my mind strength was simply a means to an end, an enabler. Strength is like money: it’s only good for what it gets you. But what I do with any of my resources, such as strength or money, that can reveal what I truly value. If we cherish something that is simply an enabler, will we ever be satisfied? Can it ever be attained? It has no intrinsic benefit, but it only enables that which is really needed.

It’s been said that the only one who truly believes that money doesn’t matter has never known what it’s like to be poor. Something similar could be said about power, and maybe that’s why so many people are struggling for power. Our world is focused on power structures and power struggles; people have come to focus on power and money as the goal rather than a means to an end.

I look at these enablers differently, but it’s not because I take them for granted. There have been times in my life where my strength has been stripped from me to the point where I’ve been completely dependent upon someone else. And I know what it’s like to not have money, too. I’ll be honest: growing up without made me hungry for something more, and I can still struggle with that. But walking with Christ has opened my eyes to reality.

If money and power were so important, why weren’t they emphasized by Jesus? Instead, His messages focused on living rightly and embracing the Kingdom of God. He wasn’t concerned with power because all power was already His, something that He laid down for a period and picked up again.

As I understand it now, all power comes from God. There is no strength in my body, no power of intellect, that doesn’t come as a gift from the Almighty and Ever-Living God. That’s humbling, isn’t it? Yet it is reassuring to know there is no limit to the resources that He makes available to us. But He doesn’t just give to us as we want, like some genie in a bottle granting all our wishes. He wants us to partner with Him, walk with Him, and to see things the way they really are, the way He made them to be, so that we can become as He desires us to be.

The truth is: there is a power struggle, but it’s all one-sided. It began with one rebellious angel who decided he should be the most powerful, and it continues with angels and men that join in his rebellion. This struggle has been going on for millennia… all one-sided, because on the other side is God and those living in His Kingdom. God, the Author and Creator of all things, versus an assemble of rebellious brats who think they can somehow usurp power from the One Who
is Power itself, the very One Who gave them every resource they have.

Everything is a power struggle for those who believe that first fallen angel. But for those who let the Kingdom reign in their lives, there is no power struggle, there is simply the use of resources that God provides to do what it right: to provide for and protect others in demonstration of love. There is even the use of power to protect those who have joined in the rebellion, to help them understand the reality of God’s love. After all, the best way to destroy an enemy is to make them your friend.

But at some point, the enemy camp will be filled with only the irredeemable. At that point, all of heaven will be quiet in the solemn realization that no one else will be joining the Kingdom, and the power of God will be displayed. The rebellion will come to an end, and all those who struggled for power will discover it was a foolish endeavor. And those who struggled to live rightly and walk with their God will find their reward in an eternity of unfiltered love and joy. May we all be struggling for the right thing!

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Sunday, September 6, 2020


He liked this room. It was high enough to give him the perspective that he needed but not so high that egress would be difficult. He had to keep moving so he could provide the others with timely and accurate information as they advanced. But, yeah, it was a good room. The curtains were still hanging and functional even though the windowpanes were half missing. There was even a bed in the corner. The sheets had been pulled tightly some time ago by someone who never returned to find rest, time before lawlessness took over this area. Yeah, the room was perfect for his needs tonight.

Hey, and it even had reading material! Torn out and tac’d into the wall were newspaper clippings and papers that had been printed out, strings connecting the different pieces. One in particular caught his attention:

Washington Tribune – Op Ed February 6, 2021

Editor’s Note: the following opinion demonstrates the Tribune’s continuing commitment to provide dissenting viewpoints while providing example to our editorial board’s position on the dangers that religious fanaticism pose to a progressive society.

I grew up watching the nightly news, first the local station where the weatherman made predictions that almost never came true, followed by the national news. I remember as a five-year-old being sentenced to a child’s rocking chair in front of a black and white TV, watching Walter Cronkite after hearing the dreaded statement: “Wait until your father gets home!” Yes, I was in trouble for a crime I had irrefutably committed, and I kept expecting to have my life’s errors broadcast for the whole world to see while I awaited judgement! I don’t recall exactly how my father reacted, but I remember it at being more even-tempered than I deserved.

The news was important to my parents. My dad read the newspaper daily and the television was almost always on if there was a news program to watch: morning news at breakfast, evening news at dinner, and late-night news before bed. Later in life, Just Fax News played continuously on my mother’s TV, and whenever we got together, she was quick to ask me if I had heard about some recent newsworthy event.

As an adult, I didn’t have the same insatiable desire for the latest news that my parents did, but I would still try to watch the local news before going to bed or scan through the Internet headlines for something that was truly newsworthy. However, sometime in the early 2000’s, I decided the network news wasn’t a good use of my day. Oh, I’d still watch it on occasion, but it was with a growing apprehension for both what was communicated and how it was being conveyed. It was obvious to me that programs played an agenda, and it was played out very effectively over the years. Back then, it was more subtle than today, where a large segment of society has joined the deconstructionist ideology. Back then, the news often empathized with the prevalent mood in the country, at least initially, but they very craftily steered people toward a different perspective over days, weeks and even years, playing to the good nature and sympathies of a well-intentioned public.

By the time of the 2016 election, the United States had become two, competing cultures that edified their faction’s champions and vilified the political opposition. I had silently reached the conclusion that mainstream news couldn’t be trusted long before the president started his “Fake News” meme. By this time, I seldom watched a news program and had chosen alternative means for getting information. I’d still scan the headlines on internet news or posts on social media, but I’d try to find the primary source if it seemed important. Sure, I’d still follow network news for things that weren’t politically charged, like a natural disaster or school closings, but I didn’t waste much time listening to commentary when it reeked of propaganda. When I did choose to listen, it was with a discerning mind. I’d try to listen carefully to both what was said and question all that wasn’t said, pulling from what I had discovered in researching primary sources. I found certain podcasts that proved to be reliable, still cautious that even these new sources of information could be corrupted over time.

In my younger years, I served in the United States Marine Corps, and it was there that I had become aware of operations security. This special skill discerns the plans of a potential enemy by analyzing seemingly unrelated activities. There are experts in this field; I’m a novice, perhaps less than a novice. They are professionals, and I’m at best a hobbyist. But nonetheless, I’ve found myself intelligence gathering, no longer having the option of listening to any news source without a touch of skepticism, trying to triangulate information from sources believed to be reliable. I adopted the cartesian method, doubting everything I thought I knew to see where it led me, all from the lens of Scripture. What I discovered was disturbing, especially in light of the current coverage the media gives to the riots and retaliations occurring in our streets.

I’ve observed that power has been relentlessly centralized in the news media. Conglomerates purchased local stations and small-town newspapers until finally there were no more truly local communication channels. Then the news moguls started buying out their competitors until a silent signal seemed to trigger a truce. And suddenly all the news programs started to look and sound eerily familiar. Oh, they had their unique slant and personalities, but the message and often the sound bites were identical.

What I’ve concluded is that power corrupts and the centralization of power corrupts absolutely. A few people started controlling what was newsworthy and messaging to spin the truth and guide a nation, but you know what? We aren’t as dumb and na├»ve as you thought we were. We don’t buy it… and now we don’t buy your product, your so-called news. As I read all your arguments for rising up against a systemically corrupt government that was founded in classism… to challenge the outcome of this election because of the confusion created by all the mail-in voting you encouraged, I remember a vow I once made. When I joined the corps, I took an oath against all enemies, foreign and domestic to protect a document you now advocate replacing. That document was written for a nation that was once indivisible under God that paved the way for civil rights reforms of the 60’s, but your proposed revisions promise comforts in exchange for freedom. In short, it’s a contract for slavery.
Wow, he thought to himself, It turns out he wasn’t wrong. I bet he sounded crazy at the time, but he wasn’t wrong. Of course, history belongs to the victors, right? We need to win this.

Looking out the window, the night was still. Maybe it would stay that way. Maybe others hated the fighting as much as he did, but he reminded himself: some things are worth fighting for.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

September Daze

September days
When we all know the time is short
And the days grow shorter
Yet more brilliant in the sky
The light glistens everywhere
Blinding some
And guiding others

September daze
As one season ends and begins
Hornets become feisty
Attacking any target
The hive threatens everyone
Scented wind
Seducing slumber

September gaze
Gleaming sights on the horizon
Of a distant shoreline
Piercing through the misty night
The light glistens everywhere
Guiding some
Frustrating others

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