Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blood Moon Prophecy

There has been a lot of speculation around the Blood Moon Prophecy. Do a search and you’ll find many references, including some free videos to stream off the internet. One of my kids was very concerned, having stumbled across the Blood Moon discussion and thinking that the world would come to an end somewhere around Monday September 28, 2015. Well, I’m writing to give you my thoughts on the subject. Pure and simple: I don’t know. In fact, no one knows but God. But there are somethings I do know related to this.

First, I know that the world will not end on Monday. Biblical scholars who take stock in the Blood Moon Prophecy would agree on this because Jesus said that no man knows the DAY or the hour. Only the Father knows when the world will end or when the Tribulation will come. We also know that certain things need to occur. For example, the man of lawlessness will be revealed before the world ends. 

However, we are given signs so that we’re not surprised, and there are many signs that say a storm is about to begin. It doesn’t take a prophecy or in-depth knowledge of Scripture to see that persecution is growing. Religious persecution occurs when we silence the voice of a religious group, in extreme cases with death. There are work place pressures, including newsworthy events such as Hobby Lobby, Chik-Fil-A, and the firing (officially resignation) of Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich. We also see where Tim Tebow was marginalized and ultimately let go from the Eagles’ roster. Public proclamation of one’s faith is frowned upon in our culture. We have laws that require people to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies irrespective of biblically-based beliefs. Make no mistake, persecution is growing.

I believe there will be ebbs and flows of this sort, and history will support me on this. However, the thing that really concerns me is this:
“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matt 24:12)
The word “lawlessness” can also be translated as “rebelliousness” or “wickedness”. This is growing on an international level. It is a rebellion against the laws of the Kingdom, setting up an image of mankind on the cusp of humanistic deification. In other words, mankind has become the pantheon of our global culture’s religion. Set in opposition to the reign of God in our lives, the secular man haughtily sets himself up as the final authority of right and wrong. The more powerful demi-gods in this pantheon twist truth as necessary to promote their agenda, establishing alliances with others so long as they are useful for self-promotion. Truth and love fall by the wayside as power, pleasure and status feed the increasingly hungry hordes of would-be kings. Sadly, this is as prevalent in “christian” organizations as in secular entities.

God will not let this go on indefinitely, and although He is quick to forgive and restore… even though He is patient and long-suffering… judgement will come. If we repent (a.k.a. – turn away from lawlessness and return to Him in truth and love), then His mercy and grace will freely flow on our lives and our nation. But if we don’t? Well, there IS a Blood Moon / Super Moon on Monday. Don’t say you weren’t given a sign of where things are going…

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Reality of the Culture War

I heard something on the radio this week that I believe is true: we (Christians) have lost the culture war. Now that doesn't mean we roll over and adopt values that are counter to the life Christ would have us live, but I think it's important to acknowledge the reality of our environment.Understanding the issues allow us to work on resolving them. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, and that truth combined with persistence to seek and live in truth has resulted in my being symptom free for over a year. 

So if we lost a "culture war", what is the truth with respect to how we contributed to the loss and what are the implications for those of us who live in America and are committed to following Jesus? First, I think we need to acknowledge that the "culture" was never the correct strategic objective. The culture changes when the attitude, values and prevailing mores of the people are morphed over a period of time. We called to create disciples rather than change a culture, and we were called to make disciples of Christ, not church or doctrinal converts.

We need to get a better understanding of the issues and a clearer perspective of the truth. Truth is absolute, despite the relativistic perspective of our culture. Some things are clearer than others, and some things are admittedly for God alone to know, but our inability to understand truth doesn't negate it's reality. 

We need to get better at explaining truth in a winsome and clear way, separating things that our society has lumped together in a convincing rhetoric that makes truth-bearers appear to be a "haters". 

For example: the sin and the sinner are separate. We can judge a behavior and determine it's unhealthy to a person or community. We hate the lie or the sin that brings death and yet we love the sinner with compassion, seeking to understand the wounds that have contributed to their current state in hopes that Christ can use us as instruments of His healing. Any of our arguments for truth need to be presented in ways that refuse to attack people with opposing viewpoints, regardless of rhetorical tools they may employ against us, respecting the person who publicly disrespects us.

In short, we need to speak the truth in love, and knowing that we are likely to repeatedly fall short, we resolve to get up, apologize when we realize our mistakes and stand firm in the truth that God is not surprised by current trends and continues to work all things together for good for all of us called according to His purposes. (Rom 8:28) 

Love without truth destroys as surely as truth without love. My concern is that acknowledgement of how the church has beat people over the head with a Bible (truth without love) will result in encouraging sin rather than appear "unloving" (love without truth). 

Resolve with me to speak the truth in love, trusting in God for the outcome.