Saturday, February 29, 2020

Is God Real?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Is God real?”. Be honest. I know I have. I can honestly say I’ve asked it more than once. I asked it as a youth, and I asked it as a college graduate. Although to be fully transparent, I asked it differently; I asked: “God if You are real, then…” 

I don’t know if that difference is important or not, but in my case, in both instances, I received an answer. It wasn’t just an intellectual curiosity, but a matter of importance for me. To be honest, someone who is simply intellectually curious does not deserve an answer. I don’t mean to be offensive, but consider this: there either is a God or there is not and that reality makes all the difference. 

Someone who is merely intellectually curious hasn’t stopped to consider the gravity of this question because the reality of God changes everything. First, we have to consider what is meant by the term “God”. Looking at last week’s blog, there are two possible “gods”, one of our own choosing or a for-real-all-powerful-all-knowing-creator-of-everything. I could have clarified last week that it doesn’t matter how much more powerful a being may be than man, if they don’t fit the criteria of my previous sentence, they are simply a more powerful being and not God. 

Now we encounter people more powerful than us and we naturally demonstrate a certain level of respect. Think about it: a parent, a teacher, a boss, a senior executive, a public official, a king, etc. Some people get all tongue-tied in the presence a just another person who is in a position of power over them, and some people go out of their way to make the best possible impression. And why wouldn’t they? 

So the question about the reality of God should impress us with a sense of awe and respect unlike any other. If God is real, then we need to consider how that changes everything. If there is no God, then we are a chance happening in the cosmos, a chemical computer that has evolved to the point of self-awareness with no real meaning or purpose other than what we choose for ourselves until our hardware fails or until we have found a way to transfer our consciousness into a more durable structure. 

But if an All-Knowing, All-Powerful Creator made the universe, then you are no accident; you were made for a purpose in a grand scheme by a Brilliant Dreamer, Who dreamed of you! The importance of that fact changes everything about your existence. It becomes the greatest sign of disrespect to only have a casual interest in the One who made you part of His Plan as the foundations of His universe were laid. Even the very nature of “purpose” changes significantly. It is no longer a question about what I want, but a challenge to be who you were made to be.

So the question of God’s existence is foundational to who we are! He is either real or not. Whether we can perceive Him is a different question, and to be honest, any philosophical discourse on the proof of His existence doesn't matter if He is not real. But if God is real, it demands a response, begging the question of “Why did He create me?”

So maybe that’s why when I asked Him if He was real that I got an answer. The first time it was with an inexpressible knowledge of His Presence, and the second time it flowed from the wisdom and truth of His Word, the Bible. He has shown Himself to me through both sense and reason, and He wasn’t offended that asked to know for sure.

If you aren’t a believer, I can’t argue or persuade you into His Kingdom. If I do, someone else can just as easily persuade otherwise. But if you are serious about knowing the answer to “Is God real?”, and if you are humble enough to allow the answer to change your life, then I challenge you to ask Him to prove Himself to you. I don’t know how He’ll answer you, and I guarantee He won’t bother with a mocking inquiry. But to those truly and humbly seek an answer, He will reply. 

Praying the greatest blessing in your life! I would love to hear how He answers you: send an email to mitch @malloyclan dot com (written out so I don’t get accidentally added to some spambot). 

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