Saturday, August 29, 2020

Reflections of a Watchman

Walking through the war-torn rubble that used to be a city, the man paused and stared at the doll wondering whose blood now covered the toy. Where was its former owner now? So much had happened so quickly. The year 2020’s were a blur of activity… an assault against a society that could no longer tolerate change fatigue yet couldn’t stop to absorb the facts and see where it was all leading.

In many ways, it was not a surprise. Just like the first Civil War in the mid-1800s, civil dialog had stopped in both government and society. Both sides had become so focused on what they believed that discourse disintegrated into disagreement, further dissolving into demonization of anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Mistrust grew as did the name-calling. Soon, brother was coming to blows against brother and militias clashed, soaking American soil with blood.

Blood had soaked this cloth toy as well. The doll was now in his hand, replacing the rifle that he had gently laid down. Although covered in a coagulated red, there was no pool of blood nearby. Why was that? Perhaps the child dropped it while running away from the carnage that ravaged this street, or maybe it was discarded by a shell-shocked parent who realized they needed to let go of what was no longer theirs to hold.

He hated the way his mind worked at times… seeing the many different possibilities coldly analyzing while somehow still feeling deeply! So many pieces… so many possible outcomes… so much that didn’t matter now… but he saw it happening and didn’t have an answer for how to stop it. It was like watching a chess game, seeing 3 moves ahead yet understanding the grandmaster already saw checkmate in 5-7 moves.

Everyone was the enemy and yet no one was. They were all pawns, useful idiots who were pulled along by glowing dots of light, something that they believed in with such fervor and hyper-focus that they failed to realize how they were being carefully herded in a direction. Checkmate.

No, not everyone was a pawn. There were a few that chuckled with glee as their plans reached fruition, and there were fewer still who leveraged these orchestrators as their own useful idiots, working the opposing sides against each other so masterfully that they never realized until it was too late. Like the sci-fi mass execution of Jedi, Order 66 removed the last obstacle.

As Lincoln had predicted, the enemy within proved to be the greatest threat to the American experiment, and like Washington’s Prophecy for America had predicted, the proud nation once tall and strong had now fallen, brother fighting against brother… again. The battles emerged even before the election results were clear. Come to think of it, did they ever truly know the outcome of the 2020 election? In hindsight and practically speaking, it may not have mattered; neither side was willing to admit defeat, taking up every weapon imaginable to fight for their agenda. “Either way,” he said aloud, “I’m glad that I voted.”

The sound of his own voice, raspy and broken, caused him to reflect upon what he uttered. It’s true, voting was privilege. At the time, he appreciated this responsibility, understanding it was the right thing to do and how his role, no matter how slight, contributed to the outcome. However, in retrospect, he smiled with the self-satisfaction of knowing that he left nothing on the table, and that it may have been his last opportunity to exercise this once under-appreciated civic duty.

Propaganda was plentiful from both sides and it was difficult to find the truth, especially moving up to that last election. In the end, the globalists found their “Worm Tongue” to influence each faction, leading to the conflict he was now in. As much as people laugh at conspiracy theories, this was a brilliantly orchestrated, well-funded and ultimately successful plan to deconstruct that last bastion of Freedom, rendering it ineffective in opposing the more stable strategic order they had envisioned in the summer of 2019. Although they were never able to subdue America as they had planned, the United States was in no position to challenge their global authority. By January of 2021, the World Economic Forum was applauded globally for both its strategy and execution. The nations quickly embraced their manifesto that smoothly synthesized the ideals and practices of social capitalism that created the global government. 

Of course, the provisional government supplied a representative and tried to participate with the global community, but the rebellion made it difficult. With so many people refusing to take the vaccine and its associated contact-tracing chip ID. As a result, the new global government restricted travel to and from the Americas until the governments could bring their populace into conformity. Even though news reports carried countless stories of deadly contagions breaking out across North America, many people still violently opposed the mandatory treatment, citing cryptic reports that these strange illnesses stemmed from toxins and not contagious. Surprisingly, the Administration itself refused to comply, which led to the unexpected departure of several senior advisors who joined the new, global government.

He came back to reality with the sharp sound of gunfire in the distance. Time to move on.

Dropping the doll and quickly picking up his rifle, he jogged toward the nearest shelter. As a watchman, he needed to find a better perspective for relaying news to the others, but the only way to make a difference tomorrow is to survive another day!

Part 2: Newsworthy

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